Sunday, July 3, 2016

Frobscottles and Whizzpops

This afternoon, we went as a family to see "The BFG," and all enjoyed it quite a bit.  Having just read the book, everyone was quite familiar with the story, and quite happy to see the movie followed it rather well.  There were some variations, of course.  That sort of thing can't be helped.  But the essence of the story was there, and the relationship between the BFG and Sophie was very sweet.  Obviously, the favorite scene of the movie for many of the kids in that theater with us was the one where everyone drinks a bit of the BFG's favorite beverage, frobscottle.  This very scene is in the book, which had us laughing at home about a month ago.  The reason for the laughter is the fact that you can't help but whizzpop after drinking frobscottle.  And if you don't know what that is, you'll have to look it up - or better yet, read the book.

Overall, the movie was warm, sweet, and of course magical.  The book is a bit darker at points, particularly with the other giants in the story.  But this movie only implies some of these darker activities.  Madison and Mommy really liked this one.  It's a sweet story.

On our way home, we stopped at the Dairy Queen in Cumming, which is usually a mistake.  We do it once a year, it seems, and every time they mess up something terribly, and sure enough they messed up again.  I mean seriously:  the first time they gave me a Blizzard, it was literally 85% plain vanilla ice cream with a blizzard topping.  Taking it back to the counter to fix it, they then added so much liquid flavoring that the thing tasted terrible.  And Mommy's caramel ice cream had hardly any caramel on it at all.  But Madison's ice cream was perfect, so the visit was a good one for her.  And you know something?  That's just fine.  We can live with that.

The rest of our day was spent at work for Daddy, and for Mommy already preparing for the Fourth of July celebration at our house.  We read from our devotional tonight, and also from "Mary Poppins" once again.  Supposedly there will be another Mary Poppins movie coming soon - we don't know from which book they will draw the material, but by that point, we might have read all the books out there.  It's fun reading these classics before bedtime, doing all the different voices and trying to find a place to stop for the night.  You just could go on and on with some books, which is the sign of a good writer.

Speaking of things artistic, Mommy got some tickets for us today:  we're going to see some plays this season for the Gainesville Theater Alliance.  Of course, there's always that one in October at Brenau.  But we'll also be seeing "Beauty and the Beast," and much later on, a version of "Peter and the Star Catchers."  The tickets were really well-priced, and the shows have been so good.  Last year's version of "Mary Poppins" was so close to the version we saw at the Fox Theater.  I imagine the same thing may happen when we go to see "Beauty and the Beast."  They do a really good job here in Gainesville.

We have a lot going on, don't we?  Lots at work too.  Tomorrow, Daddy speaks to everyone - and quite a few of our volunteers and staff are going to be off on vacation.  Our vacation is coming up soon enough.  It'll be a good time to slow down, and watch the waves roll in.  And eat ice cream.  As long as there's ice cream, Madison's happy.

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