Saturday, July 30, 2016


She did it!  Madison finished this big book she's been reading all summer long.  It took her a while - and yes, she was reading smaller books in between.  But through it all, she'd pick this one up on car rides, at the beach, and waiting for various camps.  This is the book of her summer, and she was very happy to finally get it done, reading the last page today.  The fact that it was her now favorite author Tom Angleberger mixed with Star Wars really made for a great book for the summer.

We made some donations to the library today, putting a few boxes of books there.  We went to the Cumming library, a larger one with a slightly bigger selection.  It has the bookstore there, the books that people like us donate - and it was there that we found a few to add to our own collection.  We're apparently big on books here, which isn't a bad thing, right?

It was a calm day, one that Daddy spent writing for the upcoming devotional, although there was a bit of Olympic series prep as well.  Lots of things going on here, including an upcoming trip to Spartanburg for their church's Summer Xtreme.  Hopefully, next year Madison can go to that as well.  If so, that'd be three Summer Xtremes!

The Star Wars "research" theme was continued tonight as we watched "The Empire Strikes Back," along with even more popcorn.  Daddy got some good ideas here and there, including one I'll paste below about the character Lobot.  Madison and Mommy have been throwing out ideas, making this book a family effort!  Madison is quick throw out ideas, and it's great to hear her mind working through it all, tying lessons to characters she knows and loves.

Lobot may not be one of those characters, but Daddy has always liked him.  Yes, he's pretty obscure in regard to the general public.  But we Star Wars fanatics know him very well.  We saw Lobot in the movie tonight, and Daddy remembered the action figure of him I had from years ago, along with the others.  He doesn't say a word, and yet is in so many scenes, right there by Lando's side.  So let's see what we can write about him...

“Let us consider how we can stir up one another to love. Let us help one another to do good works.” Hebrews 10:24 NIRV

     One random act can change quite a bit.  For example, in the Star Wars universe, have you ever considered how the character Lobot single-handedly saved the galaxy?  In the movie "The Empire Strikes Back," Lobot was the silent guy in Cloud City who was always by Lando Calrissian's side.
     Late in the story, the good guys were captured and about to be taken to Darth Vader's ship.  Yet at just the right moment Lobot came to the rescue, saving Lando, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, C-3PO and R2-D2. 
      These heroes would in turn save Han Solo, who would then go on to lead the battle to defeat the Empire itself.
      See how much depends on one little act of kindness?  Some would say it wasn't much.  But if it weren't for Lobot, the galaxy wouldn't have been saved!
     And that's an important lesson we should take with us.  A simple act of kindness may not take that much effort, but it can really change someone's world.  It might even save it!
     So think of what you can do for someone today.  It can be a kind word, a little help with a challenging situation, or perhaps something greater.  No matter what, a random act of kindness is so easy to do.  You can come to the rescue today!

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