Friday, July 8, 2016

"Good Times"

The tradition of the art camp is the gallery experience at the end, where the kids exhibit their works for parents to see at the end.  You can see above, that Madison's work turned out really well.  She learned a few techniques this week, and as a bonus, you can find some instructions on the back of each creation should she want to try these again.  Here's one of our surprise favorites:

We like this one a lot.  This week has gone by so fast.  I know time is measured the same regardless, but these past five days have whizzed by at a ridiculous pace.  Madison loved every moment of art camp, from the new art work to the games the kids play at break time.

Today, we've been working on our new series a bit, but also there was another small thing:  Mommy and Daddy's sixteen-year anniversary!  We went out to eat after art camp, and Daddy took the rest of the day off.  It was back to Texas Roadhouse, where the three of us enjoyed an early dinner.

Daddy got Mommy a card and a new CD.  Yes, he still buys CDs.  But considering the band, perhaps he should have gotten an album.  The Monkees have a new release, one called "Good Times."  It is really good!  We gave it a listen, and enjoyed it quite a bit.  Apparently, they haven't had a new release in twenty years or so.  This one brings back a whole lot of nostalgia, but the melodies are really strong enough to stand up to modern material as well.

Yes, we went to the pool again.  Madison is getting better and better with the pool visits, learning to do something new with each visit.  Today and yesterday, she's perfected the underwater forward flip.  It's something she wants to do a lot.  We're still swimming across the pool back and forth, although we haven't been able to do it lengthwise.  Still, she's making an effort, and getting used to it.  She's really getting better and better!

Tomorrow is another work day, as we set up for a new series, "Go the Distance."  We'll have costumes and props and music and decorations to put up, but it won't be as heavy as Summer Xtreme by any means.  It'll be a nice, easy sort of day compared to those!

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