Monday, July 25, 2016

Nutcracker Camp

It's Christmas in July!  Today is July 25th, which means we'll be celebrating Christmas in exactly five months.  To celebrate this occasion, today Madison started her Nutcracker Camp!  This is like ballet camp, but probably more work.  This week, the kids that made it through the audition process are practicing and learning about their roles in this upcoming season's "Nutcracker."  Not long ago, Madison earned the part of a China Doll, which was fairly a no-brainer.  She had a slight edge in this, actually being Chinese.

So this morning we were back at Brenau, back doing the ballet thing with all the other familiar kids and parents who were there for various parts.  Each session goes to about 12:45, so it's a few hours of dancing and stretching and choreography, with lunch and a few small breaks thrown in for good measure.  They have a good time though - Madison enjoyed it.

That's about as far as we got with our Christmas in July theme.  Daddy was at work for a good bit, and while at home Madison was working on some drawings, learning to recreate various Disney characters.  Today, she did a great picture of Dory from "Finding Dory."

When Daddy came home, Madison was helping Mommy a bit, all while dressed up as Angelica from "Pirates of the Caribbean."  We realized she hasn't actually seen the movie with Angelica in it (we've been slow to bring in some of these movies), so with proper warning about gross bits, we all sat down to watch "On Stranger Tides" tonight, this being Madison's first time.  We had the popcorn, and she still had her costume on.  She loved the movie, although she was pretty familiar with the plot already, having played the LEGO Pirates game some time back.  Still, it was a very piratey sort of night.  I suspect the mini-golf we played recently had some effect on her.  Regardless, it was a fun themed night!

Of course, before bed there is the devotional, and the chapter from "Mathilda" as well.  We're really moving through this book quickly - it's been an enjoyable read.  But soon, we'll be coming up to the point where the grown-ups start to regret their misdeeds.  That'll probably be extremely enjoyable for Madison…!

And speaking of grown-ups regretting their misdeeds, the Democratic Convention is going on right now.  Last week was the Republican Convention.  We haven't watched anything from either, as we've been on vacation.  But it's news, and in just a few short months - closer than Christmas - we'll be voting for a new President.  Either way, we'll have a new animatronic figure in the Hall of Presidents.  This new figure will historic:  it will be either be the only one wearing a pantsuit, or the first orange President in history.  Your vote matters!

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