Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Pottery, Teeth, & Wolverine Chutes and Ladders

Okay so first thing this morning, here's what happened:

She lost another tooth!  Now there's a substantial gap in there.  We suggested doing the Viking/Pirate thing by shoving a tooth-sized rock in there, but she let us know she was happy with waiting for a new tooth to move in.  Still, it's an amazing process, isn't it?  You sort of get complacent about this, as it happens to billions of people all over the world, and yet it's fairly amazing when you think about it further.  And of course, there's the matter of the Tooth Fairy.  Yes, with that tooth there is the promise of something left for her in the night.  We'll see what that is tomorrow, of course.

Today the Art Camp continued, but this time with a twist:  there was "Pottery Camp" afterwards.  Madison had her first experience with pottery this afternoon.  She enjoyed it so much that later on tonight, she said to Mommy, "I can't wait for Pottery Camp tomorrow!"

The rest of the art camp is fun, but she is enjoying creating things with clay.  As you would suspect, this isn't the last time she'll be using clay to create something.  Today's creation, by the way, was a castle, complete with a princess.  It sits on top of a kitchen counter, slowly drying.  She's rather proud of it, and we'll take a picture of it when it's ready.

Meanwhile, Daddy was busy creating a rather large game of Chutes and Ladders for church tonight.  We were talking about determination, and getting back up again, comparing him to Paul from the Bible.  It's an older message, but it worked out really well.  The board game really helped sell the point too!  

You can see here we had two Wolverine action figures to use as playing pieces.  Kids rolled the dice and moved along the board.  You definitely had to show determination to finish this out, as many times as you'd hit a slide that shot you back down.  Those were on the villain spaces - villains sent you back.  Certain heroes - including a cameo by Stan Lee - gave you a ladder to go upwards!

The kids loved this game.  And it's huge.  These squares above are 8X10 sheets of paper.  And there are 64 of them.  So you can imagine it's a pretty big set-up!

Tonight we're heading to bed a little later.  It's been a good day though, another full one.  Tomorrow we'll start out with art camp again, but before that we'll check our pillow to see if there's anything left by a certain nighttime visitor that has a strange fascination with collecting teeth.  Goodnight!

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