Thursday, July 7, 2016

Tooth Fairy Origami

The Tooth Fairy got creative last night, giving Madison some dollar bills that were actually folded into the shape of butterflies, as you can see above.  These must have taken a while to make, with those tiny folds and all, but they turned out really well, and were quite the surprise.  Madison came in to our bedroom this morning, showing off the butterfly surprise.

The day was a busy one, starting out with art camp, followed by that pottery class that Madison enjoyed so much.  She had a great time once again with both.  She's created a star-shaped sculpture, and did another miniature castle in pottery.  Her other artistic achievements will be on display tomorrow in the gallery, as all the kids will be showing off their creations.  That'll be nice, of course.  It's hard to believe art camp is already nearing an end though.  This week has gone by quickly!

We had a wonderful dinner tonight, and following that we waited a bit before heading back to the pool.  Madison swam further than she has before without touching the bottom, making it all the way to one end and back of the width of the pool, not the length.  The length is one of those looming challenges, but we're taking it one gradual step at a time.  Today, one of the school nurses was there at the pool (she lives in our neighborhood), and Madison made one last effort to make it to one end and back.  Sure enough, she made it, and to thunderous applause!  Also, today was a big day for another swimming accomplishment:  she did an underwater forward flip.  She was doing them time and again, she was so happy with herself!

She got a new Disney Infinity figure tonight - Mickey Mouse himself.  This was one of the rewards for the goal of getting across the pool and back.  We got home, and had ourselves some racing action, Minnie vs. Mickey on Tron lightcycles.  After that, we had just enough time for chocolate fudgesicles.  Mommy made some of those, and they were ready for us tonight.  This is a great way to celebrate Chocolate Day, an official holiday that is actually today.  There are actually other dates on the calendar marked "National Chocolate Day," such as October 28th and December 28th (labeled "International Chocolate Day" or just "Chocolate Day").  Extensive research (lasting about two minutes) didn't come up with any answers on internet search engines as to which day is the real Chocolate Day, or why any of them were picked.  So, we'll just have to celebrate all three, I guess.  Sigh.

Tonight was another date night for Mommy and Daddy.  Madison went to bed a little earlier to accommodate us, and we watched "Harvey" tonight, that old Jimmy Stewart movie that was a lot of fun.  I'm not sure why I haven't seen it until now, but we've been renting old movies from the library lately, and this one was a great flick.

That was our day, pretty much, another full one.  I didn't mention Madison doing a Darth Vader impersonation with her plastic popsicle handle (breathing in and out through the straw).  Also, the origami Disney Cruise Ship she made today was just great.  I tell you, there was a lot going on today with her - a perfect summer day full of activity and fun!

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