Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Cow Appreciation Day 2016

We had our tennis camp in the morning, setting the alarm and heading out there.  Madison is getting good - we had a few back-and-forth bits where Madison was returning hits very well.  We practiced the different sides, used up all the balls in the basket a few times, and did a bit of chasing balls down as well, hitting them back and forth.  The only thing missing from this tennis camp is the game of popcorn, which Madison loved.  She loved chasing down balls in that 'musical chair' type of game.  

Daddy went to work after that, and Madison went to making paper snowflakes.  This has been her thing lately.  She makes these intricate snowflakes, and they've all turned out quite nice.  Lunchtime was something special though:

It is now a tradition!  We're off to Cow Appreciation Day once more, and our herd has grown quite a bit as you can see above.  Madison looked adorable in her cow costume.  She was riding a cow, and wearing a cow costume on top of that, so she was doubly cow-like!  You can see the giant cow mascot in the background there, who came to join us for the picture.

And of course there was Camille and her selfies!  This was her first year coming to Chick-Fil-A for Cow Appreciation Day, so it was all pretty exciting to her.  Daddy got this enormous Southwestern Chicken Salad, which was just incredible.  They make great salads there!

Anyway, we had a full day at work after that, and beyond that we were continuing our reading of "Mary Poppins Opens the Door," as well as our devotional.  Also, we watched some more episodes of "The Monkees" with Madison, who just loves Davy Jones.

No, not that Davy Jones.  Although he would have probably liked to join us for Taco Tuesday today.  Yes, despite being full of Chick-Fil-A, there are tacos that you simply must eat on Taco Tuesday.  So, eat we did, and Daddy is done with eating for a while.

Before going to bed, we did something different.  Not sure where it started, but we did run-throughs on the television of all the Disney rides at Shanghai Disney.  Seriously, we did those Tron lightcycles and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride (complete with Davy Jones), and several others.  As with most videos, you start looking for one thing, and then wind up watching a whole lot of others on the computer, and I suppose this is where it all started:  we took a virtual trip to Shanghai Disney tonight.  It was actually kind of fun seeing all the rides.  And amazing too.  Technology has come a long way!

That was pretty much our day.  We did a lot of work today at the office, all leading up to a few days off upcoming.  It'll be nice to get away, and we're all looking forward to that very much.  But days like today are always so much fun too.

Madison:  Knock-knock
Daddy:     Who's there?
Madison:  Cows go.
Daddy:      Cows go' who?
Madison:  Cows don't go 'who,' silly!  Cows go mooo!

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