Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Stormtrooper Bump

How many years have I been watching Star Wars, and never once did I catch the Stormtrooper bumping his head.  Yes, here's the point where you all accuse me of not being a real fan.  The truth is, I knew about it.  It's just that I've been so into the movie that I forget to look at it.  So tonight, we watched the movie again - it's research for the upcoming series we have at KidPak that has to do with Star Wars.  Anyway, we went back after the movie because once again, Daddy forgot.  And finally, I spotted it - it's hard to miss.  We all spotted the Stormtrooper Bump!

We had some heavy rain today, which frankly is just amazing.  We need it for so many reasons, if only to just cool us off here.  But obviously, the water in the lake is going down as well, so that's a good thing to have a downpour of such magnitude.

Madison had Nutcracker camp again this morning, which will be over before you know it.  She's so happy to see her dancing friends again.  All the parents know each other as well - we're sort of stuck in the hallways waiting, passing by each other and talking, getting the latest news that we know about upcoming events.  We know some parents from church too, so there's a bit of talking there as well.

We had speech therapy again today, which is winding down in a way.  We have to figure out where to fit this in as the school year approaches.  We have ballet on Mondays and Thursdays, and Piano on Tuesdays.  This leaves Wednesdays, which is church - and Fridays, which might not be an option.  Anyway, a busy season is approaching for sure.

At home, Madison was working on stencil art again.  She has all these stencils, and she likes making the different shapes, and then coloring them in.  She's been working on fairies, and a few snowflakes and Christmas-themed items as well.  I guess the Nutcracker has us all thinking about Christmas!

It's just five months away!

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