Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Drive-In Churches and Tidal Pools

Less than five miles from Nana and Ba-Ba's house is a pretty unique church.  This, my friends, is a "Drive-In" church.  We're thinking this used to be an actual drive-in that was converted into a church, where patrons literally sit in their cars to see the speakers and singers located in this building here:

That's the picture we took today.  During service hours, this is what the church looks like below, where everyone comes to sit in their car and enjoy service. 

I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't tempted to attend a service next time we come down to visit.  This seems so different!  On the plus side, they apparently actually show movies as well - this week they're showing "The Force Awakens!"

Today we discovered that there are some really nice tidal pools in front of Nana and Ba-Ba's place.  When the tide retreats, there are these pools left over, ones that have all kinds of fish inside that you can dip down and swim with.  These aren't huge fish - just the little ones that like to nibble on your toes a bit.  Occasionally waves will come pushing through.  Madison and Daddy were spending quite a bit of time today swimming in these little natural pools, even going to the edge where the shoreline begins once more, where a thin layer of water separates the pool from the rest of the ocean.  There, we'd sit and let the waves come and wash over us time and again.  It was a very nice time there.

We've been making sand castles too, digging deep sand wells and making our own fun on the sand.  Mommy was with us, seated in her beach chair under an umbrella, just resting in the atmosphere.  It isn't so bad in the shade, certainly with the breeze coming in.  We sat together for a while, enjoying the beach, and then coming inside for a bit.   Why?  It was Taco Tuesday, right?

But later as the sun was setting, we went back out again to walk along the beach once more.  Look at this cloud we spied.

Madison noticed it looked like a ginormous pelican.  I think she was right!

The moon was slowly coming up again, as it will all week.  So big and orange, it was great to watch the moon rise over the ocean waves - quite impressive.  And our heron friend was back to walk along with us too!

We've had a heron keep us company for our evening walks.  He's there for the buffet of fish in the shallow waters.  The walks along the beach are quite nice, as is the view.

Speaking of which, here was the view tonight from their place.  Mommy's enjoying the view of the full moon over the ocean.  You can see the pool there too below.  Madison and Daddy were swimming in that tonight.  Each day we swim and go to the beach.  That's what you do.  This time, however, Madison wanted to try out the hot tub inside for a bit as well.  So we did that too.  She'll always remember that hot tub on the Disney Cruise, the one with the transparent bottom. We saw a large sea turtle from that hot tub, and she always reminds us of this.

We went to bed shortly afterwards, although we still read from our devotional, and our copy of "Mathilda."  That's our new book for the week, one that's been just as enjoyable to read as the other books by Roald Dahl.

And so another day draws to a close.  It's been a good one.  We're pretty blessed!

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