Monday, July 4, 2016

Fourth of Fun

It was a full and fun Fourth for us, one that started early for Madison because she began art camp this week:

That's the theme of the week, which isn't as catchy as the folk art theme last week, but she nevertheless had a great day today.  It started as it always does, with us looking through the gallery at all the creations, and then getting the rundown from those who are running the camp - basically the rules of the week.  It's pretty quick, and for Madison there was no looking back.  It was off to class!  One of her ballet friends is in her class, and all she knows is that it's going to be a great week.  Today, she created one of those 3-D hand illustrations - we'll have to share that later.  All the things the kids make are put on display at the end of the week, and then of course taken home.

Meanwhile at home, Mommy and Daddy were getting the house ready for a fabulous Fourth.  Daddy's family was coming over, so there were decorations to put up, and plenty of food items to prepare.  Daddy was grilling burgers outside, and we had the patriotic bunting and flags all in the front of the house.  Inside, we had our CDs playing of Phil Driscoll and the Liberty Voices.  The long tables were set up in the dining area, and the 4th of July decorations all hung up.

Family started arriving in the afternoon, right after Daddy picked up Madison from art camp.  We had our meal, and this incredible watermelon sorbet that Mommy made was a huge hit for dessert.  But there were plenty of other desserts to choose from.  There was a lot of food, and a lot of leftovers for everyone too!

And afterwards, there was the Great Squirt Gun Fight of 2016.  Madison had been waiting for this for so long now.  The funny thing was that we had a passing rain shower hit us right while we were out there with squirt guns.  Everyone was so wet, it didn't matter!  This went on for a while, and the neighbors were laughing as we were out there in the heat, just soaking one another.

Madison was ready to stop after a bit, which was funny that she of all people finally let us know it was time to dry off.  We had been out there for quite a while.  But it was getting late - I think it was 6:30 or so when we finally came in.  The family had a great time, a great Fourth.  We said our goodbyes, and then it was time to clean up a bit.

Tonight before bed, we watched the livestream of the fireworks show down at the Magic Kingdom.  It's always a good show.  We'll see some of their fireworks again in September.  But the Fourth of July fireworks there are pretty outstanding too.  We know some folks down there right now who watched it (Madison's friend Veronica, a cast member at KidPak).  There was plenty of noise in the neighborhood though.  It sounds like a fierce battle, all the way up until 11:00 or so.  Rockets red glare, bombs bursting in air - it was crazy out there!  Regardless, we were all pretty tired after a big day.  We all went to sleep tonight, falling asleep by the sound of the explosive artillery all around us.

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