Saturday, July 16, 2016

Hank the Septopus

As with every trip away, you have to work hard to make sure things are ready while you're gone.  That's what today was about, plus a bit of packing.  Here's the gang at KidPak using Chris' phone along with a new app that turns your pictures into some sort of colored pencil art.  Madison will like this one - I might get it.

We had a lot of heavy clouds, but no rain.  The temperature is so amazingly humid and hot outside - it's got to set some sort of records.  It makes you long for fall a bit, so those back-to-school signs aren't quite as bad right now, because you think, with school there are generally cooler temperatures.  Perhaps!

This morning, we went to see a movie together, a good one.

We saw "Finding Dory," and the three of us enjoyed it very much.  Along with some popcorn too.  Okay, a lot of popcorn.  That's how we roll.  The theater, by the way, was packed.  This is a popular movie this summer.  And you can see why - it's a good one.  Though we've enjoyed the other ones we've seen as well.

The character of Hank, who you can see above, was one of our favorites.  He's an octopus - or at least a septopus, having only seven tentacles.  There are so many great characters in this, and with it comes a renewed love of all the things in the ocean.

Except for maybe goblin sharks, box jellyfish, and maybe those Atlantic wolffish.  And great white sharks too.  No thanks you!

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