Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sea Turtles, Mate!

It has been noted here that Daddy does not win any raffles, lottery, contests or anything.  Odds are thing that never work out that way.  But when it comes to sea turtles, this rule is thrown out the window.

Here is Madison, assisting - once again - baby sea turtles to the ocean.  It just so happened that Daddy was watching out the balcony tonight, and saw nearby a woman pointing at a nest down below.  It wasn't that far away at all.  And sure enough, there were turtles just starting to climb out.  We hurried down there, and got to see an event that some of the locals haven't even seen before:  the march of baby sea turtles out to the waves. 

Look at them go!  Some folks have lived there for years, and you just have to time it right.  The nests are scattered across the beach, and for the most part, you just have to time it right to see them escape to sea.  It happens so quickly, you could live right there and miss it.  It's just chance, and yet here we are AGAIN, happening to watch sea turtles leave their nest.  Of all the nests, the one right next to us begins to stir.  And check out these cute little guys!

We got to see this happen last year too, and it is simply amazing.  These nests are scattered down the shore, and for us to be there at this time and at this place… the timing was just perfect, and it just had to be set up by God Himself.  

This turtle march was much larger than the one we saw last year.  There were so many turtles crossing the beach, and the small group of people that we were, each of us guarded the turtles as they made their way towards their destiny.  

Here is a view of the tiny turtle tracks they leave behind.  There are so many of them crawling along, with such purpose.  Mommy and Madison were quite thrilled to see this again!

It was quite a memory, and we were so blessed to see it.  Just look at the joy on Mommy's face.  It was a wondrous sight.

The rest of our day was quite dull by comparison.  We swam in the pool outside, a salt-water pool that Madison feels doesn't taste as good as the one at home.  Nevertheless, she's swimming across it, and showing Mommy, Nana and Ba-Ba what she can now do:  swim from one end to the other.  She swims on her back for the most part, but she gets there easily now.  This is such good news, of course.

Another thing we've been doing is hanging out at the six-foot end, and climbing down the ladder to the bottom of the pool.  We hold our breath and touch the bottom of the pool there, which for Madison is quite a ways down.  But with the ladder right there, she can grab hold of it and burst upwards for air if needed.  She's got her goggles on, and likes to scan the pool from beneath, especially so deep down.

One thing that is required with each trip to the beach is this: ice cream.  We've had root beer floats at Nana and Ba-Ba's place, but one thing you have to have is gummy bears on an ice cream.  That is, if you're Madison.  So, we went to check out a new ice cream place nearby:

This place was called Cow Licks.  And they had big servings of ice cream too.  It cost a bit more, but then again, there was a lot more ice cream.  One scoop is probably more than enough!  There were plenty of cow items all over the place, and the service was good as well.  We'll be coming back, probably once a visit really.  Madison enjoyed it quite a bit, and she got her gummy bears.

So it was another day of walking the beach today after all was said and done.  There is this heron that follows us each day, walking alongside us.  He's looking for dinner in the waves, but he seems to like keeping us company each day, keeping pace with us as we walk along the shore.  The full moon is beautiful each night, rising over the horizon so big and orange.

It was the end of a wonderful day, just part of a wonderful little vacation.

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