Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Greek to Me

This afternoon, Madison and Daddy caught up on Mommy's birthday a bit by giving her a gift that came out today, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2."  It was actually released today, so that all worked out.  Also, as you can see, we had some extra props to help with the presentation.  The Greek salad dressing is a funny touch, as are the pillars we found at Goodwill a week ago.  There's nothing Greek about the Snickers bar, although we know she'll enjoy that.  Madison and Daddy signed the card, and it made for a nice little surprise for Mommy, also setting up "Date Night" for us later in the evening.  Madison graciously went to bed earlier tonight, and the parents were able to take in a movie.

Mommy enjoyed it, although we'd both agree that it wasn't as good as the first.  The first movie is one that we watch about once a year in February or so, part of our "Valentine's Day Movie Fest," where we watch romantic comedies that we like a lot.  The first one was something special, and it was neat to see every single cast member back to have some fun with this one.

Earlier in the day, Madison and Daddy went to the library to see a magician with some amazing slight-of-hand.

It was part of the library's summer program series, and again we're so blessed to have some great things to take Madison to see over the summer.  Madison and all the other children were cracking up at the jokes, and of course the insane slight-of-hand tricks.  The highlight was probably the folded-up dollar bill with a little girl's writing on it that disappeared, and later appeared… was that inside a lemon laid by a dove?  Needless to say, kids were amazed.  Grown-ups were pretty impressed to.  The guy was pretty funny, and a natural with the kids.

While at the library, of course we dropped off a few books and picked up some more.  And for a good part of the day earlier than that, Daddy was actually at work.  It was one of those days where we were all supposed to be off, and yet when Daddy arrived, about 70% of the KidPak staff was actually there, having all snuck in to do this or that - just like Daddy did.  Madison hung out and watched "Jessie," of course.  That's her addiction.  She loves to watch that television show, and has been watching it ever since last summer or so.

It was a warmer day, and we're all still recovering from two consecutive weeks of Summer Xtreme.  But there's an upbeat attitude in all of it, because things went well and vacation is not far away.  This week, we have the teen event of Forward, which is a big deal for our church.  We'll be busy helping with that, although not really shouldering any burdens there.  We won't feel that intense weight anymore.  We'll just be happy to help wherever we can.  Some day Madison will be involved in that conference, but that's a while from now and I don't mind at all if it feels like a really long time to get to that point.  That was one of the topics of the movie we watched, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2."  It's a girl they have, and she's growing up fast.  Between that and the topic of 'Mommy and Daddy finding time to spend together,' there were certainly some themes that were very familiar to us.


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