Sunday, June 26, 2016


So Madison did her first proper cannonball today into the pool.  Sure, there are the unofficial, more unorthodox sorts of cannonballs that have taken place.  But with proper guidance from her coach (me), she's now doing better bigger cannonballs than before.  Currently, there's no shout of "Cannonball!" just before jumping in.  She just does it, because she's all business!  With proper training, she can go far I tell you!

This should be an Olympic event.  I mean, you already have folks jumping off diving boards and into pools at varying heights.  Why not add the cannonball to the repertoire of entries into the water?  Can you picture a diver from South Korea shouting "Cannonball!" from the high dive, and then balling up into correct position before creating a massive splash down below.  The judges see the amount of water displaced, the twirling of the cannonball, and how the divers throw themselves off the diving board.

And you can expand from there, of course, with a Synchronized Cannonball Event.

With that healthy spirit of the games in mind, the Olympic Bellyflop competition would also be a good addition.  Madison probably won't be trying out for an bellyflops any time soon.  She's seen plenty of those at Summer Xtreme, and while they're fun to watch, she's happy to leave them with the professionals.  Cannonballs are fine for now.

Anyway, today was a KidPak service in the morning, one where we talked about the Fantastic Four.  The four are God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and us.  It was a good message, one I'll post here below:

     There is a signal that hangs in the sky – a beam of light that shoots forth in the darkness with one purpose: it’s a call to action for our heroes!
     Light is unique. Though we only see brightness, it is made up of many different colors. If one color is missing – that beam of light would be incomplete. It wouldn’t be the same! The different colors of the spectrum are a team that works together to shine brightly and break up the darkness.
     In a similar way, there is another team of heroes that work together to bring light to a dark world. It is a fantastic four, a team that when working together can be unstoppable.
     The first member of the team is God, the leader and invisible force behind everything good. He puts a hedge of protection around us, leading us and guiding us in all we do.
     The next team member is Jesus. He is many different things to us all at once, - Savior, Advocate and Friend. The thing is, he’s never stretched too thin.
     The third member of the team is the Holy Spirit, the real muscles of the group. It’s a thing of beauty to watch as He’s got the power to help get the missions done!
     The fourth and final member of this amazing group is each of us. We should be on fire for God, like a human torch burning bright! We can be a hero, blazing a trail for others to follow, and rescuing them from the darkness.

     This team works together to bring the light of the world to dark and murky places. Absolutely nothing can stand up against the light and power of this group of heroes, so suit up, get ready for action and join the Fantastic Four!

During the service, we showed a clip from the 2005 movie.  Which wasn't as bad as it seemed at the time.  Well, okay, the parts with Dr. Doom were a terrible reminder of how bad of a job they did with that villain.  But the team was fun, and certainly it was a better movie than whatever it was that came out last year.  Some day, we'll get another Fantastic Four movie that's a little better.  But right now, we'll have to be happy with LEGO Fantastic Four.

Which is what we played today:  the latest LEGO Marvel game.  We met Ultron a bit, and sort of went over that movie's storyline, "Age of Ultron."  Madison has new respect for Ultron.  The Disney Infinity figure is sitting there in the great room, sort of scowling at us, "I'll get you next time!"

Another thing that Madison did today was this:  make pudding.   And yes, tonight we actually ate pudding.  She did a good job, of course under Mommy's watchful eye.  It's been fun learning to cook lately!

So it was a good day today, another scorcher.  Tomorrow, we expect rain, and just that thought alone thrills us, like that old song, "Cool Water."  We saw enough in the pool, of course.  That was fun.  Fun enough that tomorrow, Daddy might even do a cannonball!

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