Tuesday, June 28, 2016


We've been talking about the Loch Ness Monster a bit lately, and other lake monsters throughout the world as well.  This all started the other night as we were watching some Disney shorts, and there was one about Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster.  It's called "The Ballad of Nessie."

Aye, we're back in Scotland again.  Look closely, and you can see Nessie above.  It was a sweet little cartoon, one that explained where all the water came from in the loch, and also where Nessie is now as well.  It's a fun topic - when Daddy was growing up, there was talk of a similar creature in Lake Champlain in upstate New York.  This one they've given the nickname "Champ."  Somewhere, lurking beneath the surface of the water these ginormous lone aquatic dinosaurs lurk, surfacing from time to time in order to pose for blurry photos.  But these two apparently aren't just 'lone' monsters.  Further research has determined that there is one in Lake Storsjön in Sweden.  This one they call "Storsjöodjuret," and has been reported to be as much as 42 feet long.  And up in Canada, in British Columbia, there are sightings of a lake monster almost 20 feet long in Okanagan.  This one's name is "Ogopogo."  But the Northern Hemisphere is not an exclusive place for lake monsters.  No!  Deep in Argentina, there is a lake called Nahuel Huapi Lake.  And in that lake is home to another dinosaur the locals call "Nahuelito."

There's no extensive proof that any of these lake monsters exist.  And yet, there's no proof that they don't either.  Many of these had sightings that predate the Loch Ness Monster, so it wasn't as if these were copycats trying to cash in on the popularity of a new tourist destination.  And why is it that all of these lake creatures are reported to appear roughly the same shape, and the same size?  

Madison is on the fence about whether or not they're real, all of this despite Daddy's playful prodding.  All of this fueled our choice of movie tonight, "The Water Horse."  This was pretty much the culmination of our lake monster mystery discussion, and a pretty decent movie as well.  Earlier in the day we were at the printers, and just across the street there are the war memorials for local soldiers lost in various wars throughout the decades.  This led to a discussion about the wars, starting pretty much with World War I and going up from there.  Ironically, we were talking about how big of a deal World War II was, and sure enough, in this movie you can see the effects of the war, as soldiers are looking for German U-boats when they spot Nessie.

Stopping at the printers was a fun coincidence.  The lady Daddy is in contact there with is named Rhonda, and it was her birthday.  And so, with Madison there as well, the question was asked, "Do you want some cake and ice cream?"  You know the answer already.

It was a nice little trip to town, along with a trip to the office for a bit.  Once done with a small amount of work, Daddy and Madison dropped by McDonald's and then of course Race Trac to refill our cups.  You really can't number the amount of times we've visited there.  Seriously, sometimes three or four times a day.  The place is right across the street from where we work.  What do you expect?  

Tonight, we had more swim lessons, and things are looking better and better.  Madison's confidence is there, and she's really enjoying swimming under the water now.  It's a slight addiction to go under the water, holding her breath.  Now we just have to work on the breathing part, because well, that's kind of important!

And so our day came to an end after Nessie escaped, also swimming freely under the water.  We've been reading from the third Mary Poppins book each night before bed - that and the devotional, of course.  Afterwards, it's time for all of us to pretty much go to bed.

But it's cooler tonight.  The rain came this evening, finally, and what a blessing.  It's not much cooler, but just the idea of rain is something nice.

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