Saturday, June 11, 2016

Mexican Ice Cream Party

Two events, and really minor ones compared to all that went on previous.  Although the ice cream thing has grown to be rather big as of late.  The picture below confirms that.  I believe it started out with four of us.

Anyway, the other thing we got started today - Madison and Daddy - was the Lowe's Avengers Project.  This is that thing you have to sign up for, and the earlier the better.  You show up, and build something at Lowe's that is related to a Marvel Avenger - this time Captain America.  The thing about these Lowe's Summer Projects is this:  they all connect to each other to create something bigger once they're all done.  So if you miss one, you miss a puzzle piece, somewhat.  The end result is that you can find pieces on internet auction sites for $20 - $30 because vile people are taking what was meant as a freebie for kids, and taking advantage of parents.  We didn't have to go that route last year, and hopefully won't this year.  We just have to pay attention and keep registering.  

The two of us got to Lowe's, and because Madison had so many patches on her Lowe's apron, the manager stopped her to take a picture of her.  Each patch represents a previous project that Madison has completed, and there are 34 patches glued on to it, thanks to Mommy.  That's quite a bit!  Anyway, we got the project done in no time, and now Captain America stands guard in our great room.  

And soon, we were off to something quite tasty!

The tradition continues, and in fact it grew a little!  Here is our annual post-Summer Xtreme ice cream gathering, something we've been doing a couple years now.  Here is a link to the first time Madison joined us, just a few years ago.  This place has some of the greatest ice cream, and some of the most unique flavors.  Daddy had a corn-flavored ice cream - and don't laugh until you've tried it.  Mommy had a coffee ice cream with chocolate covered almonds.  Madison had just plain chocolate - she's been really into chocolate lately, which she gets completely from her dad.  

Anyway, we talk about the week, and just breathe a sigh of relief really.  It was the smoothest Summer Xtreme ever, an easy one where things just worked out well.  We're thankful to God for that, for His grace, and for all the little and big things that went our way, working out for the good.

Today was a day to do a lot of cleaning up, as you might suspect.  Madison and Mommy were really helpful there.  Daddy was setting up for tomorrow's service somewhat, and also doing a lot of setting up for the Summer Xtreme in Gwinnett County next week.  Lots of printing again, but all of that done so we won't have to worry about it at the last minute.  Hopefully, we can just walk into that Summer Xtreme and enjoy it!

We'll see...!

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