Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Run the Race

Here we are at KidPak again.  There's Daddy, his Professor Wisenheimer character at work, as his friend Nerdo goes into the audience to test the Wisenheimer invention.  This one tells kids - after scanning their minds - what kind of Olympic sport is best for them.  Madison and all the kids enjoyed that skit, and the next as well.

Here's some of our cast, all in their official Team USA t-shirts from this year's Rio Olympics.  They're actually doing a more serious skit this morning, the inspirational story of Eric Liddell.  The message that followed was entitled "Run the Race," and wrapped up our Sunday messages tied to the Olympics nicely.  Next week, the stage and Olympic theme will still be there, but there is the annual prayer service where all the kids go upstairs for a bit, so we'll have a shortened service.

It was a good morning.  Everyone is excited about the Olympics upcoming, despite the looming threats about water quality and so forth.  The real wickedness lies with those people who have evil intent, who are unfortunately more numerous than ever, and so therefore that is what we pray about more.

This afternoon, we were writing and resting, and we were gearing up for the Star Wars series coming up soon.  Daddy had some devotional writing to work on, and so for a bit of research, we watched "The Force Awakens" once more, to everyone's enjoyment.

It was a relaxing day though, a quiet one when we got home.  It's still pretty hot outside, and everyone was a little tired on top of that.  So inside we stayed after church, relaxing, and soaking in the last few days of summer break.  Soon enough, everyone will be busy again with all the things of the school's calendar.  But today, we're good.

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