Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Asteroid Maze

Here's a little maze I made up based on the asteroid field in "The Empire Strikes Back."  Don't start from the end, because that's cheating!

We had class tonight, with a message titled "7,320 to 1."  Han's response to someone telling him the odds was, "Never tell me the odds."  And that's the way we need to be from time to time, right?  The odds were against David versus Goliath.  The odds were against Gideon and his small army.  The odds were against the three Hebrew boys.  But we know how all that turned out.  This was not an official message, but a Wednesday night one that sort of followed the theme of the series, which is of course "Star Wars."  It worked out, although the kids in class were pretty wound up getting to the classroom.  We'll have to work on 'taming' them a bit as the beginning of the school year continues.  It's a new batch of third graders, and some are pretty wild.

Daddy called Madison and Mommy before things got crazy at church.  Everyone was doing fine at home:  Madison was getting a bath, doing homework, and a bit of piano practice as well.  It's a more quiet night for her on Wednesday nights, and on top of that Nana and Ba-Ba are here.

It was PE today, but they stayed inside, which was probably better for Madison right now, as her allergies are picking up a bit.  It rained really hard this morning, heavy, really dark clouds outside - the kind you see with extreme weather.  But it wasn't extreme weather - it was just really thick with moisture, and dumping gallons upon gallons on us.  

Daddy is not well again, this time with stomach symptoms that are reminiscent of the pancreatitis episode of four years ago.  We'll probably check it out at the doctor's tomorrow, and that's when Nana will be at the doctor's as well, to check-in and make sure everything is fine.  So it's a big day for doctor visits.  Meanwhile, Madison has the usual ballet class later on tomorrow - that and homework.

Daddy got home tonight, and Madison was in bed already.  They said their prayers, and the Lord's prayer too.  We're starting that together as a family, and it's good to do before bed, and in the morning as well.

Tonight, Mommy and Daddy had just enough energy to watch an old episode of "The Twlight Zone," one of our latest binges.  There are some pretty creative episodes within, and even the ones that fall a little flat are still good at setting up a bit of tension, while being just 25 minutes long so you don't have to invest so much.  After 25 minutes, it all resets and there's a completely new story in the next episode. It would be fun to do a similar themed series at KidPak, although maybe not using the name "The Twilight Zone."  That would be a fun October series.  Daddy would love to be Rod Sterling's character, popping in and setting things up... in the Twilight Zone.

Madison, however, doesn't have the greatest memories of the Twilight Zone.  You may remember her riding that right last year, "The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror."  She did not like that at all.  But someday she might.  It took Daddy a few years to get the hang of roller coasters and free-falls.  Meanwhile, it took a few years to start really dreading those spinning rides.  No thank you!  The odds against me going on one of those are... well, let's not talk about odds right now, okay?

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