Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Five

We have a new theme at the church, something that will be going on for the next five months.  It's called, appropriately enough, "The Five," and will basically be challenging folks to make the best of the final five months of the year.  Yes, there are only five months left.  Which will fly buy when you consider the fun of October, November and December.  Actually, it flies around no matter what - with Madison, every day is a fast-paced adventure.

Today's service this morning was our annual Back-to-School prayer service, one where all the kids lined up - hundreds of them - and were individual prayed for by our head pastor.  It takes a bit of time, so for that reason, our service with the kids downstairs is a bit compressed.  We have worship, a description of what is about to happen, and then the kids get ready to go upstairs.  Lots of protection for the kids as they go from Point A to Point B.  Madison went through the line twice, was prayed for twice.  This happens each year, so this probably explains why we're all doubly blessed!

Jokes aside, it's an important service.  And it's an easy one to plan for.  This is just what we needed following the Summer Xtreme all of us help put together in Spartanburg.  That worked out wonderfully.  And so did this morning too.

We got home, and the rest of the day was a bit of rest, although we're also gearing up for a new series coming next weekend at KidPak.  There's a lot of pressure to do this one right, as it is all about Star Wars.  You could say we're definitely not taking it easy these last five months - we have big plans to do some great things as the year winds down.

Winds down?  What are we talking about.  It's only halfway through August!

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