Monday, August 15, 2016

Nika at Saul's

After school, we had to head out to get Madison some jazz shoes.  These will go nicely with her jazz hands.  Anyway, we went to the only place that we knew might have this item, a store on the Gainesville Square called Saul's.  And that's where we met Nika, above.  This was your average clothing/shoe store (or, at least to a guy like Daddy it was average!).  But what made it above average was this dog, this wonderfully happy dog that wasn't ashamed to jump on you and lick you to death.  Did we know anyone there at Saul's?  No.  Did they know us?  No again.  It was just one of those spontaneous things that left a great impression on us.  I'm not sure if that's something other customers would be thrilled about, but we certainly didn't mind.  Nika was friendlier than many customer service representatives we've experienced in the past!

She couldn't get the jazz shoes on though.  We left that to her owner.

Anyway, we did get said shoes.  And we stopped by to visit with Nana Cypher for a bit, post surgery.  She's doing well, and should recover in roughly two weeks, just in time to go out and do some fun stuff.  Until then, it's time to hang out at the house and rest and recover.  Which is what she's doing right now.  We were looking at all her coins, Madison and Daddy hunched over with Nana, each peering down at all the different quarters from various states and parks.  She kept that collection going, and is still collecting, including a few Presidential dollar coins.  Hard to believe, but there is a coin with James K. Polk on it, our eleventh President, Young Hickory, Napoleon of the Stump!

Madison had so much homework tonight that it took her nearly until 7:30.  We let her stay up and play some Disney Infinity after that - we did some of the Star Wars levels as part of our theme that just started.  Yes, it's all about Star Wars here.  Even her new devotional is Star Wars themed.  Daddy's new devotional looks great, and it reads well too.  Madison is learning Biblican lessons from Yoda, Han Solo, Jar Jar Binks, Lobot, and even Willrow Hood.  It's fun.  And after that, we just started reading from an "Anna and Elsa" book, which Madison is anxious to hear.  We started those some time ago, and it's great to see they have another couple of books out.  Two more, in fact.  The next one involves a secret admirer, which got Madison all wondering.  We may have to get that one next from the library.  But soon after that, it'll be back to Roald Dahl:  Mommy wants to hear "James and the Giant Peach."  And after seeing the Peachoid recently, I kind of do too!

Other events of the day:  Madison and Daddy saw the most ginormous colorful sunrise imaginable this morning.  It was so huge, filling the sky with explosions of colorful clouds.  It just reminded you of the scale of things, how small we all are here.  This was on the way to school.  By the way, the drop-off process is getting better.  They've made some adjustments at the school, and things seem to be working out better.

We had some rain here or there, and there is a renewed battle with ants, who have found a new entrance through a crack in the window pane.  We'll be battling them this week, and we will win this fight!  To quote Churchill, "We shall defend our kitchen, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the windows, we shall fight on the counters, we shall fight in the sink and on the stovetop, we shall fight in the kitchen cabinets; we shall never surrender."

I think that's what he said anyway.  So tonight, we've continued our reading, Mommy and Daddy.  It's a creepy little book to be sure, one we think might be too much for Madison right now.  We'll go see that one by ourselves when the movie comes out next month.  We watched some Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. too - that new season four is coming out soon, along with a new Ghost Rider.  That should be interesting.  But starting at 10:00 pm?  Yikes.  Only complaining because we have to get up pretty early!  Speaking of which, it's time for bed for Mommy and Daddy.  Sweet dreams to all, and none filled with wights and hollowgasts.

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