Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Post-it Quilt

This is the project that Madison was working on in class this week, a thing that was rather simple for each kid.  The idea is to get a post-it, a small square of colored paper, and decorate it with some random pattern, or a design.  Madison chose to put a heart on her square, and you can see hers in the above quilt.  This was just part of the quilt, comprised of squares from all the kids in fourth grade.  Neat idea!

Tonight we had our Back-to-School Bash, which went well - except for the fact that Madison can't go to it.  She just has to get up too early each morning.  Really, we have to be out the door by 7:00 am each morning, which means getting up a bit earlier for dressing up, teeth brushing, breakfast, and the four p's:  pictures, prayer, packing, and using the bathroom.  Also part of the daily routine:  hiding from Daddy.  Seriously, every morning she hides still, just as she's done for the past two or more years.  Daddy comes down the stairs, and announces to the room, "Where's Madison?"  And she's hiding somewhere in the main floor of the house... but where?  The search continues until Madison jumps out and says, "Boo!"

We're working on our new series upcoming today, still trying to get that devotional and sermon booklet nailed down so we can have some printed books this weekend.  That was a big part of the morning.  Meanwhile, Madison was putting together her terrarium, something she had to collect twigs and leaves for.  There's science in the classroom now, and we'll get to see the results soon enough when we go to the classroom ourselves for Curriculum night.

There was math homework to do tonight, which Madison went through easily.  Get this, according to the Milestones testing last year, Madison is supposedly ahead of 99 percent of other kids in her grade grouping.  She's also similarly ahead with her grade for social studies, while being well above average with language arts and science.  She's doing well, although our focus will be more about reading and comprehension.

Anyway, it was a full, fun day.  And the Bash went well tonight, something that Daddy had a lot of work to do with.  It was a late night, but a successful one, and that was that - time to go home and get back to work towards the new series.  Getting closer...

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