Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Collision Course

With summer break rapidly drawing to a close, we thought we'd take in a movie before it all ended, one last movie.  We went to see the fifth Ice Age movie today, a movie called "Ice Age:  Collision Course."  It was fun.  Sure, it wasn't the quality that "Finding Dory" was, but it was still an enjoyable flick.  It helped that we had a coupon for free popcorn.  Or maybe it didn't.  The coupon was for a bag of popcorn, and that wasn't quite enough.  So we filled our usual discount bucket.  The point of all this is that we had about a metric ton of popcorn back there in the back row.  For the first time in her life, Madison did not finish all the popcorn.  Yeah, it was that much popcorn.

We were doing quite a bit of chores today, out an about at consignment shops (Mommy trades old costumes and clothing for newer things for Madison).  We also had another chiropractor appointment, the last for Madison in some time.  As always, she loves to visit the chiropractor, always hiding from him and always first to go for her 'neck popcorn.'  And yes, there's the treasure chest and stickers at the end.  Where would we be in life without a treasure chest and stickers?  A deep, philosophical question to be sure.

There were some really vicious storms today.  These were the loudest Daddy can remember in years, with very frequent lightning strikes and lots of noise.  The power blinked a few times, and even cut off for a bit, but we had it all back soon enough.  We are pretty blessed here, when you think of it.  The weather when we first arrived in Georgia some time ago was so immensely scary, with tornado strikes and all kinds of fear.  But it's been calm the last few years (other than that one terrifying night).  And we're blessed.  Blessed with rain too.

We had Chick-Fil-A this afternoon, using our coupons for free stuff (their calendar card is really good!).  That place is always so busy, and even though it isn't exactly rush hour, you still have to wait a bit to get to the counter and place your order.  And the food is always good.  Mommy and Daddy love their salads now.  Mommy loves the marketplace salad, which is perfect, tasty, filling, and gluten-free!

There was more school shopping to be done, where Madison carries around her grocery list of items.  It's an immense amount of stuff you have to bring in.  It feels like you're packing for a vacation.  Madison diligently checks items off the list, looks around for the next item and is thrilled to pick colors or themes for everything, from pencils to plastic rulers to anything else she may have to get.

Speaking of which, we got in the mail a few weeks ago - and just gave it to her now - a "Frozen" book bag and lunch bag for school.  She just loves it.  The book bag actually lights up with stars all around Anna and Elsa.  And it's really solid in its design too.  It appears as if it needs to be.  A lesser-quality book bag will crumple under the weight of all that Madison apparently has to carry around this year!

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