Saturday, August 27, 2016

Womp Rats

It was for an activity on stage tomorrow, one we ultimately postponed for later, but Daddy had Madison draw some womp rats that kids would throw something at, maybe wads of paper or wiffle balls, I don't know.  It would be a target game, or will be - we'll still use the idea eventually.  The point is, Madison drew this womp rat picture free hand, after seeing it online.  She was helpful today at the office as we were working towards getting things set up for tomorrow.  It'll be another great day for the Star Wars series, one with a lightsaber fight and dancing Jawas.

This morning, we said goodbye for now to our grandparents Nana and Ba-Ba, who made a safe journey back home.  They took the alternate route as well, the same one we've tried last time around.  We're sold on it.  It may be physically slightly longer, but it evens out when you consider the rising amount of traffic in the Atlanta area.  Nana and Ba-Ba called early this evening to let us know they arrived safely and without incident, and we were very much relieved.  You can't take anything for granted, of course, and we're grateful for God's grace over us currently.

This morning, Daddy and Madison also went to complete the last of the Lowe's Avengers set.  This included pieces that interlocked together to make a fairly large collection of wooden Avengers.

Our local Lowe's doesn't quite have it all together when it comes to the kids program.  This morning was easily the example of this to date, as we waited about 25 minutes for someone to find the supplies, and get things set up.  But this is all something that's completely free, so we weren't complaining too much.  The end result looks great, and Madison has grown in skills with her hammer and nails.

To think how long ago this project started, back in early June.  This seems like such a long time ago, and here we are at the verge of the end of August.  Crazy!

We read more from "James and the Giant Peach" today, and we all just love Roald Dahl.  It's such an enjoyable book, just like the others have been.  This isn't the last one we'll be reading by him.  Daddy's just wishing that Gaffney Peachoid had seagulls all around it, as if holding it up.  Now that would be something!

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