Thursday, August 11, 2016

Curriculum Night

Here's Madison with the terrarium that she helped put together.  She collected some twigs and leaves from home, and those joined others, and together they combined to make a little terrarium.  Not sure what else will be going on in this terrarium yet, but here's Madison quite proud of the accomplishment, among others.  She's got a lot of things she's been doing already at school, getting busy a lot more quickly than in previous years.  We'll still have some assessment test upcoming, but right now they're doing plenty of math assignments and science projects and learning in music, art, and reading as well.

Tonight we met her teacher once again, and had what is called "Curriculum Night," where parents go to the classroom to see the teachers, and have plans and procedures explained for the upcoming year.  As a small incentive, a small hot dog dinner is provided in the cafeteria, one where Madison can feel free to add as much ketchup as possible.  We ate in the cafeteria, and then were off to the classroom briefly as well.

We're starting the next Nevergirls book before bedtime, which Madison got into very quickly.  They're fast reads now, but she loves them nonetheless.  There's another book after this in the series, followed by a Christmas-themed one as well.  We'll get to those in due time.  It's nice to have a smaller book for the time being, one that we can finish rather quickly.

We had speech therapy again today in Alpharetta, perhaps the last one with this particular instructor.  As ballet and piano classes begin soon, we have to figure a place to put speech therapy.  This may be a challenge.  There will be speech therapy in school, fortunately.  We'll take this as it comes, and see what we can do, the best we can do.

Daddy has been reading a book to Mommy lately, "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children."  Mommy's family comes from Wales, where this fictitious story takes place.  Actually, Nana Green was in Wales at the time this story takes place, September 3rd, 1940.  Perhaps she was one of these ... peculiar children.  Hmmm.....

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