Thursday, August 25, 2016

Madison is Not Impressed

I loved this picture from vacation, so I had to add the "Madison is not impressed part."  We were having a good day today, but there was this one event that was not to be impressed about.

Thanks to Pic Collage, we had a pretty frank conversation tonight about images that are acceptable, and ones that are not.  Apparently, we need to look even further into parental controls, as the 'school settings' aren't quite enough for what we think they should be.

It was a heart-breaking conversation in many ways.  Madison is so innocent, and she did nothing wrong.  And yet Daddy saw an image pop up that was clearly outside of what was appropriate.  Mind you, it wasn't anything that could scar her for life.  But it was wrong enough that Daddy had to take action.

Madison thought she did something wrong, and she knew something was not right in the way that Mommy and Daddy began to talk with her.  She was crying.  We were telling her she didn't do anything wrong.  She's so naive, so innocent, and in a place all of us long to return to.  We want our innocence back.  And in many ways, how great to have children so that you can revisit that innocence all the time.  But in the world creeps, and here we are already talking about certain issues, and preparing to talk about others as well.  Madison is growing up, whether we want her to or not.

The rest of the day was not as controversial, of course.  We had ballet, as is the usual Thursday routine. This went well, and Daddy got time to read a book in the car as he waited - this is the new routine as well.  Daddy had a coupon for a free ice cream at Race Trac, so on the way home, Madison got a new flavor of strawberry lemonade, and just loved it.

We did all kinds of homework in the car.  We did our spelling tests, and we ran through all the vocabulary about the ecosystem as well.  The homework-mobile is off and running.  I think this new plan of doing homework in the car will work out, and give us hopefully a little more free time at home. We can't have an entire day of work, work, work all the time.

Nana went to the doctor today, and the blood clot hasn't shrunk.  It hasn't grown either.  So we're going back to the status quo of the past three months, with better hopes on the return visit.  There's medication involved, but of course the hope is to get off of that.  We'll see how things turn out next visit, but she's doing fine in the mean time.  Daddy went to the doctor too, and hopefully we'll get some of this tummy trouble settled, so to speak.  It's been going on for a bit, and it's been unsettling in more ways than one!

And that was pretty much our day today.  Of course, there was reading and devotional, and evening prayers.  It's back to the school routine for us, although there's a bit of fun with Nana and Ba-Ba here as well.  We're having a great week here, and tomorrow is TGIF!

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