Thursday, August 18, 2016

Another Season of Ballet

So our car is becoming the Homeworkmobile.  Yes, this is primarily because we're getting most of our homework done in it.  There is a bit of travel time involved during the week, with going to music and going to ballet.  Madison has a little table set up in the back seat of the car so that she can use her time well, riding to and from home while doing math and spelling and science as well.  She's been studying ecosystems (pronounced EEEECKO-SYSTEMS) and things like producers, consumers and fancy terms like that.  We were talking about mimicking and adaptation, and things that creatures do to live, thrive and survive.  All of this, for the most part, done in the back seat of a car on the way to and from places.

Tonight was our first ballet class of the season, a good start to things.  Mommy was doing grocery shopping while Madison was dancing, so Madison wasn't the only one multi-tasking today.  Ballet went well, and she was happy to see all her friends returning for another year of dancing.  Classes were later though, so we got home and didn't have much time to play!

We did have fun though, playing as 4-Lom the bounty hunter, with is partner Wicket on death-defying various missions.  And then off to bed - a lot of stuff squeezed into one tiny afternoon after school.

Daddy and Mommy were doing a bit of cleaning up today, getting ready for visitors coming up soon.  Nana and Ba-Ba are returning from Florida, hopefully for some good medical news.  Certainly things seem to suggest that Nana will have recovered completely.  She's anxious to return to playing tennis.  We got to bed a little later tonight, so no reading before bed:  just our prayers, and quickly turning in to go to sleep for the night.

School pictures are tomorrow, so we want to get our beauty sleep!

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