Friday, August 19, 2016

Pete's Dragon

Tonight we saw a later showing of the new "Pete's Dragon" movie, which was quiet a change-up from recent movies that have been playing of late.  The reason is all in its pacing, which is to say it was a rather slow-moving movie - but by design.  Movies like "My Neighbor Totoro" come to mind when thinking of this one, a movie with quite a bit of imagination.  This movie is nothing like the "Pete's Dragon" we saw in the 70's.  Daddy actually saw that movie at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, complete with an opening number by the Rockettes.

We enjoyed the movie, although Mommy and Daddy still like the original a bit better.  Not to say this one is anything worse.  We just like Jim Dale, Red Buttons, Shelley Winters and of course Mickey Rooney.  And those songs - lots of fun.  We actually have a record of the soundtrack at home, one we'll no doubt be listening to soon.

School is going in earnest now, the second Friday I think.  Madison had another art class today, a spelling test, and math facts to learn.  She was reading in the library with a few of her friends, and a boy called them "the book club," which is in fact a compliment.  Just like Belle, Madison's head is always in a book.  And Daddy's head was in the computer - or at least looking at one.  We've got "Episode II" of our Star Wars series written, so Sunday's script should be fun to do, along with the bottom line.  Oh, and there was this too:

It's a talk show that takes place on the Death Star.  We were filming this today - if you're paying attention to canon, this takes place shortly before the Death Star explodes.  And, after you watch this, you realize that it wasn't Luke Skywalker's lucky shot that blew up the Death Star.  It was a little accident on the talk show…

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