Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Five-Fold Ministry

We were continuing our discussion in church tonight about the Bible, and the power of scriptures to help us when we need them most.  The tie-in was fun:  Origami Yoda.  Daddy was talking about the book, how everyone sought Origami Yoda for guidance.  Can you see the parallel now?  Anyway, we handed out this sheet of paper above, which I made using some found images on the internet (thank you to whoever did these).  We provided the kids with the green paper you see above, and before you know it, some forty-five or so third graders were making forty-five Origami Yodas.  This above is the simplest form of an Origami Yoda, what is known as the "Five Fold Origami Yoda."  In just five folds, you can have yourself a Yoda!  Of course, there are more complicated ones out there, and Madison has a few of those as well.  But for a season, this one above was found all over the place in our house.  Madison made them time and again!

We got our enrichment schedule now, which is the class that takes place after school on Wednesdays.  It starts in about two weeks, and since we no longer have ballet on Wednesdays, Madison can now fill her time on Wednesdays too.  She wants to take the art class, but the "Kids in the Kitchen" class is a good back-up as well.  It's just something little, but she really enjoyed it last time she signed up.

Daddy got to talk to her for a little bit after school today.  She was doing piano practice, along with some of her homework as well.  She got home early today because it was an early-release day.  We don't know entirely why they choose Wednesday for early release, as opposed to Friday.  But it was appreciated nonetheless by Madison.

We got to see some of her tests, and she's doing well.  Simple little mistakes here or there, but both tests are A's, and that's of course something to be happy about.  Madison kicks herself for the errors, but we've been encouraging her, letting her know how proud we are of her.

So it was a good day, and the last one for the month of August, I might add.  Tomorrow begins an official new season.  No, not fall.  We're talking about Pumpkin Spice Season.  Yes, starting tomorrow, we'll see it everywhere.  Everywhere...!

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