Thursday, September 1, 2016


Tonight we had a slight brush with Hurrican Hermine, although it wasn't technically a hurricane anymore passing through Georgia.  Additionally, the solid wall of the hurricane was at it's closest nearby Athens.  Still, there were storms that spiraled out towards us, and we certainly felt a bit of that.  We also felt a bit of a temperature change around here as things were wonderfully cooler.  It was nice, really.  One more note about Hermine:  yes, there was a report of it "barreling" inland.  As noted here before, this is how hurricanes move.  They don't swoosh or push forward.  They barrel.

Tonight, we did some spelling test studies, covering words like "awkward," which is indeed awkward to spell.  Madison is still doing really well with school, between spelling and her basic math skills.  She's doing really well, and spending a lot of time reading as well.  She did all this studying and reading to and from her ballet practice, which went well of course.  Pretty soon, we'll have ballet on Saturdays in addition to the Mondays and Thursdays - a lot of dancing going on here!  On the way to and fro, there's still one music request:

The Monkees!  Old school Monkees to be precise.  Madison just loves this one greatest hits selection we play in the car, and we play it again and again.  This summer had a soundtrack, and it was the Monkees, both from the 60's, and from this most recent release.  We love 'em!

Mommy and Daddy were doing a bit of Christmas shopping online, and we're doing well to get things done this far in advance.  Daddy also got some hair cut off the top, and there was a bit of catching up with season three of our latest Marvel television series.  And that's been about it for the day, although tonight we started reading another Nevergirls book.  This one involves soccer, which seems to be a little theme that's been taking place lately.  We'll be finished with this book in no time, as they're a little shorter than the average book.  Madison has picked up on her own the Jack Sparrow books, which she reads in the car and even at home.  She's anxious to pick up the story where it left off, and so are we for that matter.  This is one of those things that will reappear at Christmas time, I'm sure.  Santa knows she's wanting those books, and she's been so good lately that she just might get the whole set!

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