Saturday, September 24, 2016

Happy Chewbacca

This came in this week:  the Chewbacca mask.  Madison had fun with it for a few minutes this afternoon.  Actually, we all did:  Mommy and Daddy tried it on too, and got a few laughs.  I might actually wear it when we go trick-or-treating!

It's really a brilliant concept, but it's value is now off the charts due to a lady the world currently knows as "The Chewbacca Mom."  She's a sweet woman who made this viral video, and now this mask is one of the popular things out there.  We paid a normal price for it, with the understanding that we'd have to wait a while to get it:  we got it in the mail just in time, right when the series was ending.  But it's for sale at a lot of other places right now, and in some places over a hundred dollars!

Anyway, we'll have fun with this one.  Madison got home today, and we've been packing.  Daddy's been writing messages too.  We've had a thought strike us about the pills that Daddy is taking for blood pressure, and how that may relate to a thickening of the walls of his digestive system… so that may be the problem.  We're about to test that theory out, anyway.

Madison's artwork has been so creative lately.  I'm going to hang some of these pieces up in my office, not just because they are my daughter's, but because they are genuinely something I'd like to hang up.  She just loves her art classes, and loves doing creative projects.  Which is why we're happy to help her out wherever we can, encouraging her to create.

We've been busy - that's what happens when you go on vacation.  You work twice as hard so you can get out the door.  But we are getting out the door soon, and it will be a great time!

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