Thursday, September 15, 2016

Family Night on the Square

Gainesville used to be called Mule Camp Springs, and this just might be the mule it was named after.  Of course, I'm kidding about it being the same mule.  But today's visit to the town square was no joke - there was a family event there, and it was one we couldn't miss because there was someone we had to see.  No, it wasn't the mule.

Here's one of the things that called out to us:  cotton candy!  It's been a while, and this stuff was so good!  Madison and Mommy are seen at a bench here enjoying the sweet taste, and after this there was someone handing out popcorn as well.  You can see Madison still wearing her ballet gear, a testament to the fact that she had just left ballet practice tonight.  Hopefully it wasn't as sticky as our hands were after eating all that!

Afterwards, we rode around the square on a little train, which was nice.  Any train ride is always nice.  The important thing is not where it's going - the important thing is getting on!  A local band was playing, and there were all kinds of activities for the younger ones.  There were two reasons we came here today:

Here's Camille, back in her Elsa costume again.  Madison was quite happy to see her.  Camille agreed to do this event - volunteering for it - because it was there to benefit the fight against children's cancer.  This is something we were there for as well, donating a few dollars to the cause.

It was a quick, but fun night.  A lot of people showed up, which was encouraging.  Hopefully, there were a lot of contributions.  The weather was perfect tonight, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

We got home and it was pretty much time for bed right away.  We read some more about the great glass elevator, and lost about three nagging grandparents along the way.  But it's still a fun book, one that you have no idea where it's going still.  Regardless, we keep on reading - it's a crazy sort of book.

Madison had her fund run today, and got her t-shirt as well.  She's happy about that, and can't wait to wear it tomorrow.  It'll be a great weekend, starting tomorrow - but today's been a good day too.

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