Friday, September 16, 2016

Bubble Run

Madison has a great new t-shirt, one she wore for the first time today for the Bubble Run.  Kids who raised (or parents who donated) enough money got a t-shirt, and got to run in the Bubble Run, which last year was the Color Run.  This apparently was a bit of a disappointment compared to last year.  There were quite a few kids wanting their money back, which was kind of funny when you consider that this was all for charity.  Apparently there weren't as many bubbles as the kids hoped.  Perhaps they were hoping for some sort of carwash experience.  Which might be a good idea for next year.  Why not build a car wash on the track there.  Teachers at the start of the track can have hoses, followed by teachers spraying down fleeing students with soap guns, and then of course there's the rinse cycle, where more teachers and administrators douse students, and then finally there's the drying cycle.  Perhaps that will be a bunch of teachers with hair dryers, or maybe those ginormous carpet-drying devices or humungous fans.

Madison is pretty level-headed about it all.  She likes the bubbles.  Sure, she's seen more.  But that's okay, because she had a good time.  And on top of that, it's a pretty cool t-shirt.

We drove over to Dawsonville today to do a bit of shopping today - Christmas shopping.  Plus, we got some costuming for one more great skit for "The Spirit Awakens."  We're so excited because Madison will be playing the part of mini-Kylo Ren.  It'll be hilarious!

We got some mums while over there, which Mommy immediately went to planting in the front of the house.  That's part of the fall ritual:  you need mums.  She's also got the fall decor up outside, including scarecrows and the fall-themed garden flag.  It's all quite nice - if only this weather would start agreeing with us:  it's hot outside.

It's nice at night though.  It's not as hot as it is mid-summer, so the temperature cools to a reasonable point in the evenings.  We went to bed a little later tonight, after some video games.  Tomorrow we can sleep in a bit, and we'll be taking advantage of that!

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