Thursday, September 8, 2016


Here's the finished project that we've been working on earlier this week.  Just before bed, we were finally able to turn the battery on, and there it was, the image of Scorpio on a black foam board.  For maximum effect, we turned it on in the dark in her bedroom.  Mommy, Daddy and Madison were there for the big moment - it came out pretty well.  Best of all, she could see the bending of the light with the fibers in the back, which is somewhat the point of the whole thing - how light bends and so forth.

We have one more foam board left, and some more fibers, so I think she'll be doing another one perhaps.  It could be a constellation, or she just might spell her name or something!

Tonight, we had ballet again.  Not Daddy and Mommy.  No, our job was to go grocery shopping while Madison danced the night away.  She was pretty tired though - she took a nap on the drive to ballet.  That was okay though.  She did her math homework earlier, right when she got home.  We had a bit of time before ballet, so we squeezed in some video games, this time some "Incredibles" on Disney Infinity.  I remembered vividly the last time we played this, and sure enough, the date appears on the game itself to let you know the last time you saved a particular level.  The last time we did the "Incredibles" game on Disney Infinity was October 1st, 2015.  Why is any of this significant?  It was that day that Mommy and Daddy were watching Donald Trump speak, and thinking to ourselves that this guy just might get the Presidential nomination after all.  And here we are eleven months later, and sure enough, he's got the nomination.  We'll see in two months who is our new President.  Polls are neck and neck, and anything can happen between here and there.

We were listening to Riders in the Sky on the way home, their new release dedicated to the music of Roy Rogers.  We're doing a lot of preparation for the new cowboy series coming up, including some art work for the new banners and wall posters.  It'll be here before you know it!

"Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator" is really odd.  And that's saying a lot for a Roald Dahl book.  We're not the biggest fans of it thus far, although we're sticking with it.  Tonight we read a highly unusual chapter involving the President of the United States, his advisors, a sword swallower, and the President's Nanny.  Evidently we can't escape talking about politics tonight.  Anyway, it was a strange chapter, and again that's saying a lot!  We'll see what happens next as we visit this hotel in space.  Perhaps they can see the constellation Scorpio from there...

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