Friday, September 2, 2016

Broccoli and Thermal Detonators

Madison has had some great test scores lately, acing math tests and getting straight A's across the board.  We're supposed to sign her work and send it back, and each time we get something we're smiling and showing how proud we are of all the effort and hard work.  She's doing great, certainly a lot better than Daddy was doing when he was her age.

We had fun tonight making some battle arenas for Disney Infinity.  There was an old one from the 2.0 game that was just endless fighting in an arena, so we took that idea and reproduced it.  And then we got creative, and made the arena a place where you could observe combatants go at each other from your seat in the bleachers.  One one side of the stadium, there was the broccoli army:

Vile creatures!  The broccoli, however, aren't the smartest or strongest enemies out there.  That's why after a few rounds we changed the combatants, with Madison setting up sling shots to rain down our fury on the gladiators below.  By "fury," I mean as much punishment as Nemo from "Finding Dory" can dish out.  Once again, the team-ups in this game are some of the more unique aspects of it:  Daddy was Ultron.  So Ultron and Nemo were having a great time tonight.

Daddy did have a bit of work to do today, some of it involving a thermal detonator.  Of course, that's the explosive device from "Return of the Jedi."  We thought our bounty hunter character on Sunday needed a slight edge against a jedi, so he carries around one of those.  Only, we had to make one.  Mommy did, anyway.  She used a foam ball, and painted with a dark metallic color, adding a button to it.  It'll do as a stage prop, and don't worry - it shouldn't explode.  Or, at least I don't think it will...

Today we did get some bad health news concerning Madison's great-grandmother (Daddy's grandmother).  She's upbeat despite the nature of things, but this is yet another difficult moment for our family this year.  Nobody knows how or when things will play out, but until then, we'll need to make the best of our time with the family.

Today wrapped up nicely, although there were some snags in the character story we have ongoing at KidPak.  Daddy will have to do some significant rewrites, along with plan a message to speak, but all is well:  we'll come through.  It's not quite time to panic yet!

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