Friday, September 9, 2016

The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again

Tonight we went back to the Old West for a requested visit with the Apple Dumpling Gang once again.  Madison chose this as our Western movie of the night, and it was pretty enjoyable for us all, especially with a tub of popcorn.  How great that Madison enjoys this old-school sort of movie - we're really getting back to the 70's with some of these Disney movies on that studio lot.  I remember watching this one in the theater, seeing movie posters for it, an exciting time.  The other movie - and the one we'll be watching soon - is "Hot Lead and Cold Feet."  More Don Knotts, and a bit of Jack Elam in there too.  Oh, and Jim Dale again - great stuff!  Tonight's movie was fun, and we're really starting to get into that vibe of life in the west, and we're looking forward to more with the new series KidPak is doing coming up, "Trailblazers."


Here is the first banner idea, although this one isn't exactly what we're looking for.  The typical banner approval process goes back-and-forth a few times before we get that final approval.  We'll show that one here when it arrives.

Madison did well at school today, bringing home her classwork and homework.  She gets great grades, and is doing quite well with spelling and math.  She had PE today, and speaking of the old west, she's somewhat of a quick-draw with dodge ball.  Not saying she'd be sheriff of Dodge City, but she was one of the only ones left at the end of each round each time.  This may be because she's not in the front lines, firing off round after round.  She sort of drifts in the back, dodging long balls that try to make it her way.

Daddy was at work today, doing quite a bit, it turns out.  Tomorrow we'll work on script five of the Star Wars series, otherwise known as "Episode V."  Hopefully that will turn out well.  We might go see a movie or something tomorrow, although it all depends on the timing of things.  Madison has "Nutcracker" practice to go to tomorrow, her first of the season.  She's very excited about that, and can't wait to be a part of that.

We're cleaning out that basement below us, and part of that chore is organizing some old devotionals that Daddy has written.  There are at least fifty different devotionals, and there are as many as twenty copies of some of those.  So it's a lot to go through.  Madison and Mommy spent a bit of time working through that today, making organized piles in the great room.

And that was pretty much the day.  It's September, and with the mention of the Apple Dumpling Gang, there's talk of apples again.  It's time to do some apple picking soon!

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