Thursday, September 22, 2016

Getting Some West

Get ready for rip-roarin' time at KidPak! It's time to hit the dusty trail for a series like no other, striking gold as we dig deeper into God's word.  So saddle up, head west with us, and join the Trailblazers!

This is the new look for our new series, with the one of the main mascot characters from our Tribes series.  It fits to have him here, and Daddy's kind of fond of him, as Daddy provided the voice for this one.

Daddy's been writing the series, and has a long way to go.  But it's fun, because it's all about the old west, cowboys, rodeos, cattle drives, outlaws, and more.

Mommy made some delicious doughnuts this morning - gluten-free ones!  They were apple cinnamon, and they were very tasty!  Madison was scarfing them right away.

Today we had ballet after school, and this is the last one before the fall break coming up.  We're heading out tomorrow, believe it or not.  That's why Madison and Daddy were picking out all the movies to bring along, and the music too.  Madison has been packing toys, stuffed animals, and some clothing too.  One thing she's not bringing with her:  several inches of hair.  Madison had her hair cut this afternoon in the kitchen, and she's so happy about it.  For one, she can brush and wash her own hair rather easily now.  It's easier to keep up with.  She likes the way it looks like a lot, and is super happy!

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