Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Summerland Golf

This morning it was time to say goodbye to the All-Star Music Resort.  Really, it was just time to say goodbye to the Calypso section - that's the only part we ever saw!  We were right next to the pool, and right next to the restaurant.  Each morning (including today), Daddy would tromp down to get some hot water for Mommy's tea, and we'd set ourselves up to face the day.  Today, that involved simply packing and hitting the road.

The All-Star Music Resort is just what it is advertised as:  a value resort.  But the fact that it is Disney adds a whole lot to the package.  Of course, Madison loved the pool and the oversized musical notes and objects.  The thing that stands out to Daddy is always the service for Mommy's allergy needs.  She never worries about her gluten intolerance while here, and feels great ordering a delicious pizza or a tasty cheeseburger.  It is just great to see her eat these things, because it is so rare.

We left the resort, but not Disney - not yet anyway.  Our next destination was the Summerland Mini-Golf Course, which is over by Blizzard Beach.  It's actually called the Winterland Summerland Golf Course, but we chose the Summerland route this time, as last time we were here we did the Winterland side of things.  Now, we've completed the trifecta, having done all three of Disney's mini-golf course, plus the mini-golf course on the cruise ship!

Anyway, this course is great.  It's pricey, but it's Disney.  We took plenty of pictures along the way through eighteen holes.  Hole 13 was a great moment for Madison, who legitimately got a hole in one.  She was so excited about this moment!  The course is largely under the cover of trees, so the heat of day wasn't bugging us too much yet - it helped when we got a large ice tea about halfway through the game.

We really had a good time.  It wasn't all that crowded either, which made for a nice, leisurely stroll through the giant sand castles and melted snowmen.

Finished with that, we made our way out of Disney, following route 429, which we'll probably take from now on to avoid the now always congested I-4.  Bonus is that you can see Disney from the backside.

We got to Nana and Ba-Ba's, and there was another warm welcome.  There were also root beer floats!    And dominoes!  We played a few rounds of dominoes, and had tacos prepared - it is Taco Tuesday of course.  Even in Florida, the rules of Taco Tuesday still apply.

It was a nice day for everyone, and now we enter the more relaxing part of the vacation.  We'll sleep well tonight...

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