Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Count Dooku Sudoku

Daddy's created a few great worksheets for the Wednesday night classes.  These are just filler sheets, where kids try to get them done quickly to win a prize or whatever it is I think of at the last minute.

Madison started with her Book Club today, joining other kids in discussing the passages they read together from "El Deafo."  She loves this book very much.  It's been a good day overall, although Daddy is working frantically to have enough done to get away for our upcoming vacation.  Mommy was packing, and even Daddy and Madison were doing a bit of packing too.

There was enrichment class too - it's a pretty full schedule we have here.  Madison had her after school art class that she's just loving.  She did a water color pattern for a background, with a silhouetted tree she designed to go over that.  It looks so good, Daddy is thinking about having it hanging on his wall at his office.

We've been busy preparing for each day, preparing for KidPak, and preparing to leave for vacation.  In fact, that's what Daddy has to go do right now - until next time, here's a bit of Count Dooku Sudoku!

Side note:  Madison loves Sudoku.  I don't know why.  And she's really good at it too.  Count Dooku would be impressed.

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