Wednesday, September 14, 2016

It's a Trap!

Here's our High Flyer once again.  This time, she got the award in the first month, and was pretty pleased with that.  Mommy and Daddy attended the ceremony, this time the fifth time they've attended this sort of thing.  Next year will be the last - this was a sobering thought we had.  Our little girl is growing up so fast!

Regardless, she's growing up well.  This is by the grace of God.  She's so well-behaved, and we are so grateful.  She's been hard-working and smart and very respectful to everyone she meets.  She's been perfect.  This morning's ceremony was nice, once again in the cafeteria, once again a showcase of values the students are supposed to exhibit, along with opportunities for frenzied parents to try and snap photos of the groups of well-behaved children.  They also got a gift certificate for a free meal at Longhorn Steakhouse.  With next month's cowboy series on the way, we'll no doubt make use of that.

In the meantime, it was off to work.  Tonight at KidPak, we continued the theme of "It's a Trap!"  This was a message about temptation, and Daddy made a maze that we thought was kind of funny for the night.  Here it is:

We were talking about Finn and Admiral Ackbar, avoiding the trap, taking evasive action, and doing the right thing.  It was a great message, and a fun night.

Madison started something new again.  We say "new again" because the last two years she could not do the enrichment program at the school because of ballet on Wednesdays.  Now that ballet is on Mondays and Thursdays, she can choose an enrichment class after school each Wednesday.  This is something that she chooses from - there are art classes, cooking classes, LEGO and Minecraft classes too.  Madison wanted to do an art class, so today after school she was painting a dog, I think one with sunglasses on.  We'll have to wait and see on this one.  I'll share it when it comes home!

It was another good day today, a cooler day without so much rain.  That might be a problem though.  The lack of rain is adding up, and people are almost longing for these occasional tropical storms in the south to barrel a bit more northward.  Already, there's one named "Gloria" that is lurking south of here, although it doesn't seem likely to affect us so much here in North Georgia.

We're not in any serious situation at the moment though, so no one is in a state of panic.  But hopefully we'll see a little more rain here soon.

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