Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Here's a little game that Madison was playing in class with her classmates in piano class.  The idea is to pass these batons around, but do so using the rhythm of the music that is playing.  Madison was doing well to begin with - all of the kids were.

But then the rhythm starting picking up, and going faster and faster and faster!  They all really enjoy this class, and they've been doing well in it also.  Everyone seems to be on task with their homework assignments during the week, and performing well in class as well.

Today was Taco Tuesday, so that happened today.  Music and tacos.  The weather is so nice outside, and has the promise of things cooling down even more in the future.  It won't be long before we're putting logs in the fire and decorating things for Christmas. Speaking of which, we'll be putting out some fall decor soon.  Madison noticed the leaves changing, only slightly though.  We're not quite there yet, but it's certainly doing a bit of a start.

It was a typical Tuesday, one with homework and reading and great glass elevators.  Madison has a new t-shirt we can't wait to show you - one she's wearing to the "Bubble Run" this upcoming Thursday.  It's the school's annual fund run, where kids go outside, sponsored to run certain distances.  The ones who 'raise' more get a special themed t-shirt, and get to run again on Friday, no longer through an onslaught of people throwing colored powder (the Color Run).  This year, it's the "Bubble Run."  Madison is looking forward to that very much.  It sounds cleaner, at least!

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