Saturday, September 3, 2016

Loop Day

If ever there were a day to repeat time and again, this one would be nice.  Of course, there was a lot of work to do, but the weather outside was just so perfect.  This morning, Daddy knew he'd have all kinds of things at the office to do later on, so we decided to go to the pool early.

Perhaps it was a bit too cool in the pool.  Madison herself was feeling chilly, but we hung in there and had a bit of swimming time early on.  Daddy went off to work after this, retooling a script because of a missing actor at the last minute.  Apparently Obi Juan is coming back with his sombrero tomorrow, and it should be pretty fun.  There's even a shout out to H2-D2, the sombrero-wearing droid that Madison helped create last visit to Star Wars Days.  To think, we actually did have a Star Wars series at KidPak many years ago.  I think it was around twelve years ago, actually.  Ye-Ye built an X-wing fighter, and Mommy was Yoda (Daddy did the voice work there).  Time flies by, doesn't it?  Well, it does in this world, and not when you're in the loop, right?

Assuming we get there, tomorrow's message is called "The Bounty is Paid," so you can imagine we're going to be talking about Han Solo, and bounty hunters a bit.

Madison did some piano today, and went to harvest some virtual crops as well.  There was some television thrown in to the mix, but otherwise, it was a nice relaxing day for her.  When Daddy got home, we're starting our cowboy movies, the 'western' theme movies, and the first selection was "The Apple Dumpling Gang."  Madison has not seen this one, but she did like it.  Daddy remembers seeing this in theaters when he was young.  I think it was part of a double feature, and those were just the best.  All that 70's Disney magic!  Tim Conway and Don Knotts were great in this one, but so was the entire cast.  Bill Bixby and Harry Morgan were perfect, and this movie was a lot of fun.  I suspect we may go to the sequel tomorrow night, and then on to "Hot Lead and Cold Feet," another classic.  "The Shakiest Gun in the West" is in the cue as well, along with "Home on the Range" and those old Bob Hope westerns like "Paleface" and "Son of Paleface."  And yes, there's an Abbott and Costello movie or two that takes place in the Old West.  This will be a fun series for research with all these old Western-themed movies.  We just saw a Western-themed episode of "The Twilight Zone," in fact.  And then there are the more serious classics too... okay, the list goes on and on.  It'll be great fun digging into all of them.

Before bed and prayers, we read a bit tonight, some from devotional and Nevergirls, and after that Daddy read a bit to Mommy from "Hollow City," the next book in the Miss Peregrine series.  It's only appropriate, as today is Loop Day, right?

Just in case you're wondering what Loop Day is, that's the day that the peculiars in the first book live over and over again.  While September 3rd is a big deal in the book, September 30th will be the release date for the movie upcoming.  We're kind of looking forward to it, as by then we should have all three books of the trilogy read.  We'll see how that goes, of course - we're just starting on book #2 now.

Tomorrow, Daddy is speaking at KidPak.  That's why this entry might be a little short today - he has to go and study, and rest.  It's a big deal, and a big message.  The Bounty is Paid.

So goodnight, and happy Loop Day.  If we post the same thing this time tomorrow, you know you're stuck in the loop.  Just sit back and enjoy - it was lovely weather, and everything turned out okay in the end.  Rest easy, and rest early.  Goodnight!

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