Monday, September 19, 2016

Talking Like a Pirate

Talk Like a Pirate Day be upon us once again, and look who joined us in the car today:  Crystal Jack Sparrow.

This is the first year we could not make it to Krispy Kreme.  There was a solid dancing schedule to contend with - after school, Madison has two and a half hours of jazz and ballet, and by that time, it was simply too late to make the trip down to Gwinnett for doughnuts.  Not that we would eat the doughnuts anyway - Mommy needs gluten-free food, Madison doesn't like them as much (no idea why!), and Daddy's current tummy troubles probably mean he'd be better off without doughnuts.

Still, we did some celebrations today, reading from "Peter Pan" tonight before bed, and of course playing a bit of Disney Infinity to check out the new crystal character.  Daddy and Madison had dueling Jack Sparrows on the Caribbean, although one was clearly not Angelica this time.

One great new development in Madison's life is her joining the Book Club at school.  She's a part of the Book Club, and is just thrilled to be a part of that.  It's a time set aside once a month during the 'specials' slot, where a small group of kids gather to read, and to talk about what was written.  This first book is called "El Deafo," which was chosen for the kids by the local librarian, who Madison knows well from our repeated visits to Hampton Park Library.

While Madison was dancing, Mommy and Daddy did some grocery shopping, picked up a prescription for Daddy's tummy, and then went to the book store to get a copy of "El Deafo."  It turns out it is written by the wife of Madison's favorite author - and already she was reading the book on the way home.  She likes it quite a lot so far, and hopefully she won't have the whole thing already read by the time the Book Club starts.

So, about Daddy's health:  Today was a doctor's appointment, because enough is enough.  We're going in three different directions now, testing blood to check on the pancreas and I think the gall bladder.  There's an ultrasound on Thursday for the gall bladder, and there are these antibiotics to help combat a possible diverticulitis.  At least we're moving forward.  Right now, things just feel queazy and yucky.  I wonder if 'yucky' can be used as an official word in a medical dictionary?

We were listening to some pirate music today, and yes, of course we were talking like pirates.  We do that quite a bit all year round, but today we were sure to greet each other with a hearty "Arrrrr!"  Tomorrow, we have a bit more pirating to do, so the piratical celebrations don't stop today.  It was a good day, despite not going to Krispy Kreme.  We'll return next year with a scurvy crew.  This year, it was just a bit too busy to make the voyage.

We met Captain Hook tonight while reading "Peter Pan."  It's still a captivating book for all of us - there's something about Neverland that just draws you in.  This is an abridged version that still maintains the story, but someday we'll read the regular version.  For now, it's perfect for a day like "Talk Like a Pirate Day."

And with that, it's time to set sail.  Goodnight, farewell, and ...arrrrr!

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