Tuesday, September 6, 2016

New T-shirts!

Here's Madison showing off our new KidPak T-shirts.  These look great - especially in the dark.  You see, they actually glow in the dark.  Our posters in the common area are funny with different phrases:

1.  May the Shirt Be With You
2.  The Bounty You've Been Hunting For
3.  Fly Casual
4.  "You… Want This…"
5.  "T-Shirts We Have.  Want One You Do!"

And for kicks at the t-shirt table itself, we have this poster here:

This one cracked everyone up.  We had fun making these up, and the t-shirts are going to be fun to wear for the rest of this series.  

Today Madison went to piano, which went well.  She's got a bit of learning to do, but so do the other students.  She's slow-going, but certainly a lot better than Daddy could be right now at this stage.  She did her homework in the car on the way back home, just some math homework really.  

It was Taco Tuesday, so we consumed mass quantities at home, although Daddy is regretting it each time he eats something.  Madison wanted to go back to Monsters University for a bit on Infinity after that, but we all made sure we had time for a movie tonight:  "James and the Giant Peach."  Since we just read the book, we saw the obvious differences, such as no cloud men.  And underwater ghosts in the movie, and not in the book.  Also, the returning giant rhino wasn't in the book.  And Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker certainly did not come back.  But on the whole, it's a good movie, a fun one that we all enjoyed.  Madison doesn't remember watching it before, so it was largely new to her, and interesting, having just read the book.  Her favorite character is the centipede.

We were in such a Roald Dahl frame of mind that we started a new book by him tonight, "Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator."  Nobody has any idea where this book is going to go, as we don't have a clue about the plot.  We got through two chapters tonight, and we're already in outer space with a Space Hotel, so at this point anything is possible.  This will be a fun book to read, but they've all been that way thus far.

Madison went to bed, and Mommy and Daddy watched a few episodes of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." afterwards.  Season 3 really went somewhat downhill right about where the episodes "Watch Dogs" takes place.  It isn't that the episode itself is terrible - it's just that there's a bit of a downward trend there.  Things will hopefully pick up with the arrival of Ghost Rider this season.  We'll see.

Anyway, it was a quiet night, and an early night to bed.  We'll have a full day tomorrow, and it will be a good day too.  The weather outside is just right, and the hope of fall is in the air.  Time to celebrate!

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