Friday, September 30, 2016

Georgia on My Mind Day

All good things must come to an end, and this morning we needed to get going.  The big reason is that tomorrow is Nutcracker practice, and we can't miss that, can we?

After a quick breakfast, we said our goodbyes to Nana and Ba-Ba and were on our way up the road.  We were farther up in Florida, so theoretically, today's travels weren't quite as extensive.  In fact, we made it to Georgia in about two hours without any problem.

We stopped at the newly renovated Georgia Welcome Center, and coincidentally, it was "Georgia on My Mind Day."  That meant there were all sorts of tables, tents and representatives from all over the state to welcome us, some coming from as far as Gilmer County.  Of course, we were just in Gilmer County two weeks ago for apples.  Anyway, we went from table to table, canopy to canopy, and it was just like trick-or-treating.  There were candy and snacks at every table, and in some cases frisbees, hats and t-shirts.  Madison did some put-putting, spinning a wheel for a prize, and all kinds of snacking along the way.  She even posed for a picture in front of a green screen at one point, the end result showing her at some scenic place in Henry County.  Of course, it would be more fitting to have her image put in traffic stuck in Henry County... but I suppose this picture was nicer.

Speaking of Henry County, we avoided it completely again.  We left I-75 in Macon and went up through Gray, home of the world's longest red light.  Seriously, this light.  Continents move faster than the folks in line at this light.  Gray, Georgia, has no reason for anyone to stop there, so they made a tourist attraction that forces you to stop.  We'll figure this out next time, but behind us in the rear-view mirror, we could see dozens of cars veering off to take a back street in order to avoid the just-slightly-shorter-than-eternity red light.  Please don't think we're exaggerating.  Go there for yourself if you don't believe me.  Or maybe that's their plan?  This light is longer than drawbridge lights, or certain statistics classes in school.

Otherwise, the trip was incredibly smooth.  All the way, we were listening to the radio, and traffic sounded like a nightmare in Atlanta, Friday night rush hour.  Meanwhile, our trip was eventless, with slightly heavier traffic but no back-ups like we were hearing on the radio.

We got home in time to unpack and settle down.  There was even time to see a movie - we watched "Hocus Pocus" of course.

Amok!  Amok!  Amok!

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