Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Frequent High Flyer

Daddy was all day at work today, and into the evening.  Madison had an afternoon off, but made the most of it with piano practice, and of course finishing off her homework.  When Daddy called, she was playing Minecraft at home, back with the cubes again.  She had a good day today though - we talked for a while on the phone.  Things are about to get busier this Saturday when we start with Nutcracker practice, and then Wednesday when those enrichment classes start - she's chosen art as her topic.  She'll be in an extra art class.

The big news this afternoon was that she was chosen as a High Flyer already.  This is the first month of the High Flyer program, and she's been chosen for being "responsible, respectful and for being a problem solver."  At least, that's the way I heard it.  We'll see the ceremony next Wednesday, which at this point will be her fifth one.  We'll be getting this one done pretty early this year, already in September!

Tonight we were continuing our topic of "The Bounty is Paid."  We did a human knot in class, which was noisy and fun - and showed everyone how easy it is to get tangled up in something.  This went well with the topic of the night, as did this maze that Daddy quickly drew:

One of the bounty hunters above makes it to the Bounty.  Paper towels, that is.  It was fun making this, so much so that Daddy is bringing it home to Madison so she can figure out who the lucky bounty hunter is.  

The answer is an action figure that Daddy had growing up, although I remember having them all.  There was something about the bounty hunters though.  That sentiment seems to be shared by many other Star Wars fans - the bounty hunters were the kings of cool.  

We sold a lot of t-shirts tonight, which is great.  Daddy was wearing his, as were all the other staff members.  These will be worn pretty much the rest of the series though!

Anyway, it's off to bed tonight.  We're so proud of Madison for so many things, and we're so blessed to have such a frequent High Flyer with us!

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