Friday, September 30, 2016

Drawing Monsters

Daddy was writing today, but when you're doing work outside in Florida watching golfers and storms, it sort of doesn't count that much.  Madison was doing work too, and a lot of it.  She drew these 8X10 pictures, one after another, of each cast member from the Monster High movies.  She's been watching them again lately, one after the other.

The storm today was pretty much the biggest one that I've seen in a while.  But we're hearing about this hurricane named "Matthew" out at sea, and it's one that people are starting to get concerned about.

It's been a fun vacation anyway, although things are wet today.  We did do some swimming first thing. Daddy anticipated the storms, although I didn't anticipate them coming so soon today.  Regardless, we swam for a good long time this morning out at the pool here.  It was a nice swim, and there were a lot of nice people down there swimming as well.  The local residents were exercising in the pool, and some were quite happy to strike up a conversation with Madison and Daddy.  She was quite happy to talk back with them as well.

Again, it's a good thing that we swam then, because that was all the day would allow.  We thought about other plans:  a drive-in movie, or Silver Springs.  But the weather was just not cooperating.  It wasn't just rain, it was dramatic lightning strikes, the kind that shut everything down for a bit.  And then again.  And then again. All throughout the day.

It wasn't that big of a deal what we missed.  In fact, it just meant more time to spend with the grandparents in the house, which we did.  Madison sat and watched some television with Nana - Madison has become infatuated with a show called "American Ninja Warrior."  This show has an obstacle course in it that most of the contestants fail to get through without falling downward and splashing into the water.  There was a girl contestant today that made it, and Madison was quite pleased with that.  Girl Power!  It's just funny how much she wanted to watch this show though!

We played the usual games, from checkers to Old Maid to Go Fish!  We play them outside on the lanai.  And today was probably the last full day we'll spend at this place here in Summerfield.  The other place is almost done with renovations, so odds are that the next time we come to visit, it'll be in Daytona Shores.  It's pleasant here, but honestly, there's a lot more to do at Daytona Shores.  Still, this house has served them well, and we certainly haven't had any complaints while staying there.  I remember these houses first being built.  Wow, that's a memory.  We were staying at the other place, looking out over where all these houses were going to be built someday.  And now here we are on the other side of things, saying goodbye to these homes, possibly forever.

The great thing is that where they are moving to has so much to offer.  Of course, there's the beach.  But Madison really likes the new place a lot.  And we might be going there one more time before the end of the year.

Anyway, tonight we went to bed early.  Tomorrow, we have a long drive again, but we'll sleep in.  We'll want to get enough rest of course.  So from Summerfield, goodnight!

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