Sunday, September 18, 2016

Dancing Jawas

We had a great conclusion to the story on stage this morning, as our bounty hunter - evidently weak-minded - found himself on the receiving end of the force.  It seems as if he's now 'rethinking his life,' and due to a bit of suggestion, wanting to be a ballet dancer.  Fortunately, he's got some very supportive jawas with him to help out!  Yes, that's Madison dancing as a jawa on stage.  Her time as a jawa drew to a close this morning, but she still has one more Star Wars character to play in just two weekends.  That will be a surprise, but it's one Daddy is really looking forward to!

It was a day of rain, and nobody complained a bit.  We had this steady downpour of rain all day today, which came as somewhat of a surprise to all of us really.  It was so much of a surprise that nobody brought umbrellas into church, and when the services were over with, all the men raced out in the pouring rain to get the cars for the rest of the family inside.  We're some of the last to leave, so it wasn't so much of an ordeal for us.

Madison finished her piano work today, and she's sounding good on these fairly complicated pieces.  For finishing her work, she's rewarded with a free Vinylmation figure - she reaches into the bag and gets the next really ugly one.  I think she secretly hopes for a very ugly one to add to the collection.  That one is still in the bag - she hasn't got it yet.  It's some sort of troll thing.  Tonight's was a pig/superhero, or a "Zooperhero."

We're done with the Star Wars devotional, so we picked up temporarily the pirate-themed one, as tomorrow is "Talk Like a Pirate Day."  And along those lines, the new book we started was "Peter Pan," an extremely abridged version of it, but the true story of it nonetheless.  It'll be nice to read, although I think I'll want to hear the audio recording we picked up a few years ago when we went to see the "Peter Pan 360" show.

We did some racing games this afternoon, Disney Infinity-style.  And we popped open the pumpkin cider that we got earlier.  It's our first of the season, but certainly not the last.  Madison and Daddy split a bottle, and it was gone pretty fast.

Speaking of fast, we saw a 'quick-draw' movie today, "The Shakiest Gun in the West."  Madison has now seen four consecutive Don Knotts movies, all westerns.  You can say we're indoctrinating her pretty well.  This movie was old-fashioned fun, another fairly clean western.  Although it wasn't Disney this time around - the body count was higher, along with a few other moments that I'm sure were a bit more grown-up back in the day.  Nowadays, it's nothing of course.

Anyway, it was a fun western.  I can't wait to put on my cowboy hat again...!

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