Saturday, October 1, 2016

Mini Kylo Ren

Here's Madison dressing up for tomorrow's final skit of the Star Wars themed series we've been doing.  She's definitely more in favor of being Rey for Halloween, but she had fun tromping around in this costume too, of course.  

Today was a whole lot of preparation for tomorrow.  We were tired, as we spent all day yesterday traveling back here, but we had a big day for today as well.  This morning, we started out with Nutcracker practice at Brenau, and there was a lot to do at the church after that. 

Can we talk about the temperature a moment?  Finally, it has cooled down!  Last night when we got of the car, it was as if someone had the air conditioner on for outside.  It was really nice, and almost fall-like.  Which kind of makes sense as ... it's fall.  In fact, it's October!

Anyway, Kylo Ren here will make a big debut on stage tomorrow for a skit, which should be a lot of fun for everyone.  It's a more relaxed skit, one where Darth Vader wants to take his grandson to the movies.  

Leaving church, we stopped by Race Trac, where Daddy finally used some of his accumulated points to get Madison some taquitos, and then we were home pretty quickly after that.  We watched "Hotel Transylvania" tonight, so I guess the whole October movie thing is on.  It's like the 25 Days of Christmas, but with fun Halloween-themed movies.  We have more than enough of that.

The other big thing was the start of a book series called "The Qwikpick Papers."  Thus far, there are three books we see at the library.  Madison has expressed that this is her favorite author, so we'll see if that holds up by the time this series continues.  Odds are, it will.  It's started out well enough, with all three of us in Madison's bedroom before bedtime.

We'll save the subtitle of that book for later...!

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