Saturday, October 22, 2016

BB-8 Pumpkin

Well, it only makes sense.  We had a BB-8 snowman earlier this year, so why not a BB-8 pumpkin?  Daddy thought he was being all clever when he drew the designs on the side and was figuring out how to put another smaller pumpkin on top of the larger one... when we just found an instant "Make Your Pumpkin into BB-8" kit.  So we bought that, and there it is above.  It involved painting a pumpkin, and of course getting the right-sized pumpkin.  But other than that, it was fairly simple to put together, and it looks great by the fireplace right now.

While she was painting it white, we were practicing suggested words for the upcoming spelling bee.  I don't know if these words are actually on the spelling bee, but we're studying them nevertheless.  We've got a bit to go until we master the whole list, but today we did well enough - I think she's at about 85-90%.  We'll keep practicing!

Today we had Nutcracker practice early.  It's not that long, so Daddy sat in the parking lot and waited, reading comic books.  Seriously.  It was perfect weather outside, a little cool even.

We got back home and ate, and then drove right back over to Kinsey Family Farms.  It seems our pumpkin we got for Madison yesterday had a bad spot on it, a rotting area.  But they were great over there, and let us exchange one right away.  We took the bad pumpkin and put it in a place where they feed the cows.  Little known fact:  cows like to eat pumpkins.  I seriously had no idea of this, and am about to go look it up, because the employee there might be pulling one over on us.

Anyway, Madison was just fine with her new pumpkin that she selected, and we were off and running once more.  The place there was packed with folks posing for pictures, going for hay rides, and going to the petting zoo.  Lots of stuff to do there - it felt weird there just exchanging a pumpkin and leaving, but there it is!

Madison was playing "Costume Quest 2" a bit today, getting a Thomas Jefferson costume, because why not?  He has a Declaration of Destruction move that's just as great as the Statue of Liberty move in the last game.

Mommy has been busy cooking and preparing for the party tomorrow.  We had pumpkin spice coffee today, but she also made some pumpkin bread, and even made some candied apples.  Daddy carved a pumpkin face today - you'll see that tomorrow with some guacamole.

And tonight's feature?  "Nightmare Before Christmas."  Yes, we're in full-on October mode now, with a little over a week until Halloween itself.  We have an amazing amount of events we can attend over the next eight days:  two church "Fall Festivals," a trunk-or-treat at Edge Karate, a Chick-Fil-A Fall Festival, and then of course the Queen Mother of October itself:  Halloween night.  Madison is going to skip out on ballet that day (it generally takes us until about 7:15-ish to get back), that way she can spend more time getting candy.  But with the three other candy-related events we plan on attending, I don't think we'll have to worry about going hungry any time soon.  This candy should last us quite some time, in fact.

We had a great day today - this season really moves along.  Not long until we start putting up Christmas trees and listening to Christmas music, right?  Too soon?  Yeah, too soon.  Right now, it's all about fall leaves, pumpkin spice, costumes and candy corn.  Ahhh. candy corn!

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