Thursday, October 6, 2016

Mad Hatter Day 2016

While Ba-Ba's and Nana's neighbors are having a 'hurricane party' down there in Volusia County, we had ourselves a Mad Hatter Tea Party tonight.  It was, after all, 10/6 - so we got the hat out, the Alice and Cheshire Cat dolls, the Wonderland teapot, and pastries and of course tea.  

It was wonderful, to coin a phrase.  Daddy had some of the "Alice in Wonderland" soundtracks playing, and everyone had a nice time just before bedtime.

It was a really sweet time, probably the best Mad Tea Party we've had in a while because of the unexpected company.  

The hurricane party, however, seems a little odd.  I get the concept, but the folks staying on those coastal islands are facing eleven feet of water surging over and ten inches of rain, and of course the hurricane category four winds.  When Madison was in bed, the rest of us were watching the Orlando local news for a few hours, just amazed and fearful for people in the path of this monster.  

It's Thursday today, and it was a good day pretty much, up here and out of the storm's path for the time being.  Can you believe they think it might do a loop there in the ocean, and swing right back down to punish the Bahamas some more?  That's right - it was category four when it passed over Nassau, and now the same exact storm is going to do a U-turn and go back there again.  I really feel for the people there tonight.  We were praying tonight, and we were praying last night.  

Anyway, today Madison had ballet again.  And Daddy and Mommy were at work, setting things up for a visit to the Old West this Sunday coming.  The set looks great, and we've got the printed materials printed (except the booklets, which will be delivered tomorrow).  The skit is something we're still working on, but that will be primarily the event of tomorrow.  We have a few days more to set things up, so we'll see how it all pans out.

As I type this, the hurricane is just off the coast of Southern Florida, moving north and west.  I can't imagine living down there right now - we wouldn't get any sleep.

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